Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Gahhhh....why does the Colorado ballot have to be so long?!?!

Thank God for Wikipedia, or rather Ballotpedia. They summarize all those long worded amendments and referendums. I have a mail in ballot, that I plan to fill out tonight, provided I don't immediately collapse into bed when I get home. But I hope it'll get there in time. Or maybe I should just drop it off by hand? Hmmm...

For some reason, I have been into this election. M suggested that it might because the DNC was held here. That's a possibility. Or it could be because I actually want to know what's going on in the world now. I mean, I never will be one of those people who is outspoken on politics, but it sure does make a girl feel good when she can contribute to conversations about politics, especially in the office. And I liked talking about the debates with L. Maybe this year is different because I actually know what I agree and disagree with and where I stand on the issues. Either way, I'm armed with pen in hand, and ready to fill out this ballot. Finally.

p.s. I've decided not to risk it--I'm going to drop it off in person at one of the voting centers.
p.p.s. I will have no sympathy for my friends who are choosing not to vote when taxes go up or the cost of healthcare multiplies. They should've voted.

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