Friday, February 27, 2009


Yay it's Friday!!!!!! I am still trying to wake up right now but if I could, I would jump up and down in celebration. Tonight M and I are going to happy hour--we haven't done this since like last year. Seriously. And then we're gonna go check out this condo in Boulder.

Speaking of moving options, I saw the house with 2 roommates and met them on Wednesday night. It went well, but I don't like that they are for sure not renewing their lease come August. So that means if I move, I'll have to move again in another 4 months. Which is really just a bummer because I have alot of crap. Tonight's possibility looks like more of a long term option, but I have to see if I get along with the girl and if my room is big enough. Decisions, decisions.

I can definitely say that I must have been on crack or something when I said last month that I could totally move home and have it work out. Based off the past few experiences with my brother and my mom, I don't think this will work out at all. In fact, I dread the thought of moving home. It makes me want to cry. But like my spiritual advisor said, I need to pray about it, and that's definitely something I haven't been doing lately. So perhaps it's a good thing that it's Lent, because I plan to give up watching tv two days a week and do pray time every other day.

Other weekend plans include visiting my old lady friend, actually making it to church this week, going to a vegetarian potluck with M and others, and seeing Bobby again. Should be good times.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This has been a great day at work--very productive, interesting conversations, beautiful weather, and everything is working like it should. I am excited for tomorrow cuz it'll be Friday! yay!

Unfortunately, it hasn't been the best day for some people--the Rocky Mountain News is officially closing! So sad.

Only I would...

Only I would wake up at 6 a.m. to rush over to my parent's house, to get my brother up, to take him over to my aunt's who will take him to school, to drive fast and make it to work by 7:55 a.m.... only to discover that there is no webinar today, and I'm the only person in the office right now. Lovely.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hate kids

Okay, I lied. I don't hate kids. Hate is a very strong word. And I don't use it often. But I'm frustrated, angry, and just feel like screaming RAWWWWR. Why am I so upset, you ask? Because of the past 24 hours. Allow me to recap.

I do love love love love LOVE my brother, but seriously, I don't get how parents do this. I always thought I'd be a great mom, because I'm patient (or so I thought) and loving and nurturing and all those goody too shoes qualities. But the past 24 hours have made me question things a lot. Especially when dealing with an 8-year-old. I mean, if he was a baby, it'd be a lil easier because he wouldn't have the sass factor going on, and if he disobeyed I could just pick him up, let him kick around and flail his arms and legs, and then shove a pacifier in his mouth or give him a bottle or just leave him in the crib to scream until he fell asleep. But no, when you have an 8-year-old brat acting like a teenager with his "I don't care, you can't make me" attitude, who is also only a head shorter than you and weighs too much for you to pick him up--well, then you gotta do what you gotta do. They test you. And it sucks.

It all started last night when I met my mom and picked him up. He was in a good mood then. He knew he still had homework to do and agreed to shower in the morning, admitting that he smelled. So on the way home, when I recap what the plans were, i.e. him doing hw while I shower, he decides that he's not doing his homework that night. I absolutely refuse to allow him to do that, because I needed to shower, and that was the perfect plan. So we argue all the way home about how he's not going to do his homework, and how I said he is going to do his homework, whether he likes it or not. I pull into my apt's parking garage, and M is right behind me in her car. I am so frustrated at this point, and have a huge bag of groceries in my hand, along with all of my brother's stuff--backpack, towel, swim trunks, school clothes--and M offers to bring stuff in and so I hand her the groceries. Meanwhile, I tell my brother that he has to get out of the car. He refuses, saying he will just sleep in my car. I warn him that if he doesn't come out of the car, he will not be able to get into my apt (because you need a key to get through the first set of doors) and he refuses. I slam the door, and walk into my apt. M asks me if I'm gonna go get him. I say no, because he's chosen to stay in the car. I shower, and do my own thing.

Right when I'm walking into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he knocks on the door. I let him in and ask him if he's ready to do his homework now. He says yes. Of course at this point, it's already 30 min past his usual bed time. I set the timer, and he does his homework while I fume in my room. Shortly afterwards, he goes to bed and falls asleep nearly an hour past his regular bedtime.

Fast forward to this morning....I set an alarm for him for 6:45am, because he needed to shower. The alarm goes off, and he doesn't move a muscle. I turn on the lights, and play loud music. He rolls over and ignores me. I remind him that he needs to shower. He refuses. "I don't want to. I don't have to. No." Ughhhhh. At this point I'm frustrated, so I call my mom, who verbally threatens him over the phone, saying she'll take his spring break trip to Arizona away, and that she'll tell the teacher he's smelly. "I don't care," he says. WHAT A BRAT! Eventually my mom says he can just take a washcloth and clean himself that way. I say no, because he said he was going to shower, so goddamit he will shower. Seriously.

He still won't budge though. I try to literally pull him off the bed by his legs but he just held onto my mattress with his arms. I try tickling, jumping alongside him--pretty much anything to get him to move. Still nothing. Eventually I concede and tell him that he won't have to brush his teeth (because he didn't want to) if he gets in the bathroom and showers. To which he says he is not going to shower but will wash with a washcloth. In my fit of frustration, when I've finally got him in the bathroom, I take all my momentum and push him into the shower, fully clothed (well everything on but socks and a shirt). And then I...turned on the shower, getting him soaking wet. But he doesn't care! He squats down and says he won't clean himself. I say, fine, whatever. And I start curling my hair. Finally, he gets some sense and decides he will shower, but that's only after I've forced him to take off his now sopping wet shorts and boxers, and finally put some soap on a loofah. Then I let him listen to my ipod while I get ready for work.

After he's done showering, I hand him a towel and tell him to dry off. He dries off and then I hand him his clothes, to which he says "did mom pack me another set of underwear?" "I don't know," I say. Turns out she didn't. "You were the one that decided to keep your clothes on when I put you in the shower, you could've taken them off. It was your decision, not mine. Put your shirt on and I'll feed you breakfast." I know, I probably sound like the Wicked Witch of the West right now, but you've got to understand my frustration. I put his underwear in the dryer. Only our dryer hasn't been functioning up to par lately so it takes forever to get them to dry. In the meantime, I fed him a granola bar and yogurt, and read part of his Pirates of the Carribean book.

8:00am. He has to get to school in 15 minutes. So I take the damp boxers out, and literally take my hairdryer to them, hoping that will help. It kinda does. I tell him to put them on, we get fully dressed, and run into the car.

On the way to school, I notice that my car transponder for the toll ways is missing a piece. "Did you break this?" I ask. "No, I just can't find the part." "What else did you mess with?" "Nothing." Right. Well, he opened up my cheap-o air freshner so now my car reeks of winterfresh mint, and I can't find the damn thing to throw it away. At this point, I seriously just want to cry, because I'm frustrated, and my car transponder might be broken, and that will cost money to replace, and he's going to be late to school. And we all know I hate being late. I don't cry, get him to school 1 minute late, and find the missing part to my transponder. But I also notice he's taken the dried rose bouquet from Beth's wedding last summer and stepped all over it, leaving tons of mini yellow dried rose petals all over my backseat. Just great. Welcome to my life.

Later on today my mom told everyone in the office about what I did. And I'm sure this is comical, but for me it's just so frustrating. I literally just wanted to scream this morning and cry, and throw a temper tantrum complete with me ending up on the floor sobbing. But I didn't. I did make it to mass for Ash Wednesday, and I did vent to my various coworkers, one of which said that he's learned to just not take it personally anymore, and assured me that I will be a good parent someday. I don't know, but maybe that's where I failed. Maybe I should have just let him go to school stinky, but I care. I CARE. I love him. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Pancakes

Apparently today is free pancake day at IHOP. See here for more details!

Travel sale!

Okay, so a friend of mine recently shared this link about a great travel sale that U.S. Airways is having and I'm so excited. Like seriously. Apparently you can go to pretty much anywhere in Western Europe for like $300. Hell ya, I'd go to Barcelona, or Zurich, or anywhere on that list basically. So now the question is--WHO IS WITH ME??

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow I can't believe another week has passed already. I mean seriouslyyy, where the heck does the time go? Although, I'm glad it is a new week and so far it has been nothing like last week. Ick. Work has slowed down a bit. I suppose I should give ya'll my weekend recap so here it is:

Friday: Came home & vegged on the couch. Watched reality tv and lost some brain cells.

Saturday: Slept in, stayed in my pjs all day...but I did get my taxes done!!! I used Tax Act because it was cheaper than Turbo Tax. And really, it just took me forever because I kept second guessing myself. And my uncle taught me about deductions. I do owe on my Federal, but I also get a bigger refund from the state, so it all evens out. Then made chicken scampi with M and drank wine and watched tv and painted my nails.

Sunday: Woke up at the obnoxious hour of 7am. Why? I have no idea. I think I was nervous for my date. Date you ask? Yeah, I had one. *shrugs* Since I woke up early, I had plenty of time to get ready and then drove downtown. We were supposed to meet at 10:30 at the art museum but that didn't happen exactly. Turns out the museum was hosting some special photo seminar for National Geographic Traveler, so they didn't open till noon.

To kill time we walked around and then on the way back, he had the brilliant idea of popping into the liquor store to get some booze, eating some lunch, and then going to the museum tipsy. I was game, because it reminded me of senior year of college when I'd have Wine Wednesdays before staff meetings. But back to the date. We walked in the liquor store which was playing some Jesus music, and the cashier had his mini chihuahua dog. I got a pint of Smirnoff vodka, and he opted for Barcardi rum. Then we made our way to Tokyo Joe's where we ate and drank "lemonade."

After that we walked back to the museum, but only after he took a picture of me standing underneath a huge cow sculpture. Lovely. We explored the museum, and time really did fly. And it was really fun. I'll never think of the museum in the same way. Midway through the museum I somehow agreed to watch WALL-E, which was not disappointed with. And we grabbed more booze at the liquor store and ate Quiznos for din din. It was definitely the longest date I've ever had, but I'd see him again.

Monday: Am slightly hungover, but ate a greasy $5 burger at lunch with preggers coworker and my meeting got cancelled. Wahoo. Lookin forward to watching the Bachelor tonight and getting to bed early.

p.s. I hate having the shakes when I'm hungover. I googled it and apparently having the shakes means it's really alcohol withdrawl. yuck.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Traveling Masterpiece

As promised, albeit a day or so late, I am posting about the traveling nablowrimo masterpiece, started by Manisha. The masterpiece has made its way through all the bloggers (Kitt, Jen, Groovygirl, etc.) in Colorado and now is in the hands of Jugalbandi in Ohio. The point of the masterpiece is to add your own unique "thing" to the canvas.

After hearing me whine and procrastinate, M convinced me to go with her to Michael's where I purchased a set of arylic paints. When I returned home and looked at the canvas, I knew I wanted to paint something with the sun. Among my other brainy ideas were a castle and Hello Kitty. I am not an artist at all, so I stuck to something easy--a sunset. Yeah, really sophisicated, I know. I did mix two colors of paint to make the ocean, so that's gotta count for something. And it did flow nicely with the palm tree.


Pretty paints

My creation

Final shot

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need sanity

It's been a rough week. Allow me to elaborate.

Tuesday: Come into work to find out that my files have been lost (our server went down last week) and that they will be recovered. Just don't know when. Oh, and I can't print, so I can't ship any of the packages I have ready.

Wednesday: Wake up at 6:15 a.m. to go to the parents house to get my 8-year-old brother ready for school while my mom goes to work early. Feed the dog, allow brother to make himself breakfast--a hot pocket. He doesn't use the crisper sleeve, puts it in for 2 minutes, only to have it explode and ooze ham and cheese everywhere. He's upset. Asks me to make him one. I make him another one--the last one in the freezer btw--and he lets it sit for 2 minutes, takes one bite and then drops it on the kitchen floor where the dog is patiently waiting. Dog snatches and inhales hot pocket in no time. Offer brother yogurt or fruit for breakfast. Asks for McDonalds. I say no, and hustle us out of the house. Drive him to school only to hear him complain about how hungry he is the entire way. Get him to school by 7:55 (school starts at 8, I have to be to work by 8:30). After that, proceed to do stupid things.

Rush into work by 8:30 to find an e-mail from my boss demanding all my columns by the end of the day. Work my ass off and finish one of two columns by noon. Walk and get lunch, come back and find an e-mail from the IT dept saying our phones are down. Apparently neither company paid the phone bill. We can't dial out or receive any incoming calls. So much for interviewing artists. Have weekly staff meeting at 2, which lasts 2 hours. Go over the May issue and assign artists, only to realize we can't call any of the artists since the phones are down. Suggest using personal cell phones. I call the gallery for my one artist, end up getting a disconnected number. Try googling. Contact another gallery that no longer carries his work and their webmaster died two weeks ago so they can't fix the link online. Try another gallery to have the guy who answered act very sketch and offer to call me back, which he never did. End up calling first gallery and getting two more #'s. One of which is to a girl named Nicole. Clearly wrong. But the last number did work. THANK THE LORD. Stay late and finish column.

Drop off car to get fixed. Go home and read for a bit until my mom and brother yell. My mom stomps up to my room to say that I am a "distraction" and that I need to help him with his homework, none of which I volunteered for. Come downstairs to find brother crying and hating my mom. Help him with homework. Fall asleep with dog on one side of me and brother one the other.

Today: Wake up this morning to get ready, was planning on using Dad's truck to take brother to aunt's house, since I have to be to work early aka 8am for a webinar. Getting ready when mom comes back into the house to say that her car is dead; won't even start. FML. End up taking truck but had to get gas since it was on E. Convenient. Take brother to aunt's house, then drive to the car place to get my car, which wasn't even looked at. 7:40. Rush to work, only to have crazy traffic. Cry because I hate being late and I'm going to be late. Wish I had sanity. Call Floozy (oddly enough she's the only one of my coworkers who answered her cell) and tell her I'm gonna be late. Rush into work at 8:15 only to find out that we couldn't even do the webinar because we have to dial in and we can't dial in because OUR PHONES DON'T WORK. Rushed for nothing. And this day isn't even over yet. FML.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stupid Things I do

I needed gas this morning so instead of going to the first gas station I saw, which had gas for $1.79, I chose to go to the one across the street, figuring that they were all the same price since they were literally across the street from each other. NOT. I had to get a full tank of gas--which was $1.89. Figures, my stupidity.

Secondly, I had to get air to put in my tire. It was .75 cents, right? Well, I put in .75 cents to have the air not automatically turn on, so I put in another quarter thinking that would help. Right after I put in my last quarter, I noticed there was a button that read AIR. Ugh, I'm so stupid sometimes.

Update: Just heard from my mom that my Dad had to talk in front of 200-400 top execs in China and he was the only one not wearing a suit because he didn't bring one. Guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree folks.

Update #2: I fwded myself an email from my personal email to my work account to get this reply:

In honor of Presidents Day, I am out of the office. I will return on Tuesday, February 17.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I've had my out of office reply up until 2 minutes ago. This day just keeps gettin better.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend recap

Friday night I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist--I thought it was super cute and totally worth it being free courtesy of another promo code for Redbox. After that, I fell asleep. It's been a long two weeks. Anyone else with me? Suffice it to say, when I woke up on Saturday morning with 12 hours of sleep under my belt, I felt damn good. That is until I told my mom. "Are you depressed?" Was her reaction to my glorious hours of sleep. Of course not. *rolls eyes*

After getting up on Saturday, I lazily sat on the couch and watched the Nights of Rodanthe, another freebie courtesy of Redbox. Seriously, halfway through I was in love with this movie. I even wanted to see it again that day. Until the end when I was sobbing on the couch alone with my snowman fleece blanket. No one told me this was a sad movie!! I should've known when I saw based off a book by Nicholas Sparks because he never ever writes anything happy. There's always something sad going on. *shakes head* Anyways, I finished the movie, wiped my tears away and then forced myself to get out of the apartment. I got a massage. It was glorious for the most part. The downside was that the therapist kept wanting to "go deeper" and apply more pressure. All I wanted was a relaxation massage--not a torture session. But I'm glad I went. It was worth the $25 I paid. And I'd go again of course.

After that I went to Smashburger and ate dinner, and then came home to find M and her bf dressed up. I was so out of it. It was probably only like 6pm and I was ready for sleep again. In my defense though, it really has been a long couple of weeks filled with less sleep and I think I might be getting a cold, so you really can't blame me for wanting sleep. I was about to take a nap aka sleep for the night at the ridiculous hour of like 7:30pm, when I received a cute text from Bobby. "Is it too late to take you out on Valentines Day?" It was unexpected, as him and I don't really communicate on a regular basis. For some strange reason, I replied "No." I then proceeded to get all clean and glammed up and met him at the Falling Rock Taphouse for drinks and food. It was good conversation.

I was nervous. I'll admit that. I was nervous for several reasons: 1) I haven't been on a bonafide date since Jeffrey aka July '08. (I don't count NYE as a date, because it was a concert) 2) Bobby's older. (Yes I seem to attract older ones, but I'll admit their age mildly intimiates me sometimes) 3) see reasons 1 & 2.

Bobby's a homebrewer, so I knew that I threw him a bone by offering to meet him at a taphouse. I did let him choose my beers for me, and I enjoyed his suggestions. We split bar food and talked about a variety of topics, all of which were PG, which is how I like it, especially on a first date with an older man. Bobby was much more of a gentleman than I would've thought--but it could also be too early to tell. He did walk me to my car in freezing weather and didn't force a kiss. And, he even cared enough to know if I got home safely and said thanks for meeting him. So he's on my good side at the moment. We've made plans to see each other again on Sunday; he's taking me to the art museum. Which I haven't been too. But we both enjoy art-even if he likes the scary, abstract kinds. So I think we'll have stuff to talk about. At least he wants to see me again. Not too shabby. I enjoyed his company, so I'm optimistic of more hanging out time. I don't see anything long term developing, but I'm not sure I'm looking for that. I'm not looking for just random hook ups either. I'm just ready to see what's out there and date. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Right.

On Sunday I slept in, went to the store, cooked for once, and then went to the Rage game with Jessica, her 3 year old kid, her friend Brett, and her mom & friends. This was the first Rage game I went to, and I really enjoyed it. I also got a free ticket, and saw my uncle and aunt and baby Ben. Oh, and my aunt learned from the other hockey player's girlfriends that the goalie is totally hot and single (her words, not mine). So I told her to introduce me--what do I have to lose? I will admit that later when I got home, I did look up his name on the website's roster to see his picture. And he's definitely delicious--er, handsome. Yea, handsome. So we'll see.

After the game, I went home and had steak and lobster with my mom, and then watched Amazing Race. It was amazing. I thought the cheese part was hilarious. Seriously! I love this show and can't wait to see next weeks.

The weekend doesn't end there folks, I had yesterday off too. Yeahhhh, I was so excited, I reminded M of it at least fifty times throughout the weekend. I didn't get MLK day off like everyone else in America did (or seemed to) so I was happy to finally get my day off. I slept in (are you surprised?) and then met by best friend in the entire world Beth, for lunch and a movie. We ate at Mimi's, and I tried the Greek Chicken bowl. It was okay, but I think overpriced. Next time I'll stick to my old standby--cobb salad without egg with ranch on the side. After lunch and catching up--I haven't seen her since December (sad!)--we went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. I thought it was cute, but I think I liked He's Just Not That Into You better. And apparently the movie isn't really close to the book at all. I wouldn't know, but that was Beth's take on it. After that we walked around Target. I was just in the best mood ever because I finally got to see her, it was my day off, and I could do whatever I wanted to.

After she left, I went shopping at Kohl's and bought a dress for Easter. And it's super cute, but today I think I don't like it that much so I'm gonna take it back and save myself $40. After shopping, it was already 5 by the time I got home and made dinner and caught up with M. Then we went to Michaels (more about this in the next post) and watched the Bachelor. I can't believe he ditched Jillian!! She was my favorite--I really saw them fitting together. I really don't like either of the ones that are left but you know I'll still watch. Anyways, it was a great three-day weekend. And today certainly felt like a Monday, even though it's a Tuesday. Here's to another long week...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just another day

It's funny that tomorrow is Valentine's Day because I haven't really thought about it. Like, usually this time of year, take for instance last year, I sent out valentines to my friends with cute little notes on them. I just did that because I wanted them to know I was thinking of them. But this year it's like seriously just another day--I didn't send out valentines because I didn't even think to, not to mention that I didn't really want to. So tomorrow might be Valentine's Day for most people, but for me, it'll be just another Saturday--a time to relax with a massage, sleep in, and maybe even cook something. I'm lookin' forward to it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Consignment shops

To save money so I can afford to live on my own, I'm considering consigning a few items this week to a local store, called Feather Thy Nest. Even though I've worked in Boulder for more than two years, I just discovered this cute place in October, while I was walking down the street. I spotted some Halloween glasses, which were prefect at the time for Halloween. I thought that they were each $2.00 so I opted to just get two of them, but when the cashier rang them up, she said "oh, these are a set of four." And I said, "I only want those two." To which she replied "It's $2 for the entire set." It was a great find. Last month I posted a couple of items on Craigslist to no avail, so I figure why not try consignment? I've got nothin to lose at this point.

I'm somewhat refreshed

After getting 9 hours of sleep last night, I feel much better. Not nearly as exhausted, and no need for a nap today. I can't wait till Monday, because we get it off. It'll be a glorious to have a 3-day weekend.

I meet a potential roommate tonight--wish me luck.

The Amish Friendship bread is coming along. I came into work today to find it puffed up with air, but I guess that's normal. I'm on day two, so all I had to do was "mush the bag." Easy enough.

It was hella windy outside today yet I still managed to go to Sunflower on my lunch hour. I had a hankering for Boars Head Mozzarella, mixed nuts, fresh basil, and some leafy stuff--spinach & romaine lettuce. It certainly was a productive trip.

Tonight I'm hoping to get 10 hrs of sleep--we'll see.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm still exhausted, just from lack of sleep. I did manage to take a little nap at my new favorite super secret napping spot. Book club last night was good-no one really read the book, so they just filled me in on the previous book they read and we chose a new one for this month, called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. We met a Caribou Coffee, and I tried their hot chocolate and a french toast muffin--which was definitely really sweet. I ate the rest of it for breakfast this morning.

L suggested another book to read called Love and Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas. It's about "a woman whose husband has an emotional affair with another woman." Sounds juicy and dramatic. I'll suggest it next month. And if ya'll have any book suggestions, lemme know.
It's snowing right now. Can't say I'm thrilled but can't say I'm surprised. Blah.

A coworker gave me some Amish Friendship bread batter. It looks pretty gross in the baggie right now, but seems pretty easy to make. She made hers with chocolate and it was yummy.

I'm meeting with potential roommate from Craigslist tomorrow--gonna see the condo/townhouse and hopefully have a sense of direction after meeting her. We'll see.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I just got an email from my Dad with a link to his blog. I want to talk to him and hear all his stories, but I'm going to be patient. At least I got to e-mail him back. And he seems really happy in his one picture. Apparently he was going to go to a Walmart there-so stay tuned. (I am really surprised there's a Walmart in China--I guess they truly are everywhere. blech.)


I'm exhausted. And I have my first book club meeting tonight. I finished half of it. All I want is sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

This weekend I attended a women's only retreat in Allenspark, CO. It was definitely nice to get away. It's hard to describe my weekend in words because alot of it was emotional. Both good and bad. I was both introspective and reflective. I learned more about myself. I realized that I am an emotional person, and that lately I haven't allowed myself to feel. I've just stuffed, ignored, or denied them. So now that I realize where I am, I'm going to make more of a conserted effort to recognize how I'm feeling and not force myself to do things just because I had plans. Like tonight, I am feeling tired, and I want deep sleep, but I'm going to book club. I have no idea how long but I made myself a deal--go for an hour, and then come home and sleep. And that is what I will do.

It's amazing how quick and fast, and busy our lives get, sometimes even without our permission. I am thankful for this weekend--even if I am tired, and emotionally spent, I think I needed it. And I know I will feel refreshed sometime soon, but until then, I'm taking each day at a time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


For the first time in my adult life, I am attempting to do my own taxes. I'm sure that I will find out as I grow up why people groan when they hear it's tax season. But until then, my main concern is doing it right. In years past I've noticed that the library offers free tax prep type classes where they explain which form means what, so I plan to check that out. And my uncle suggested getting Turbo Tax.

The reason why I am doing my own taxes this year is to a) save money and b) to learn and c) because last year my tax ppl screwed it up royally. We used to have the same lady do our taxes until she retired. And last year was a mess because they didn't meet the deadline for one, and for two, they totally forgot to file mine! Yes, you read that right. I called them to follow up on an e-file form they had sent me only to find out they didn't have me in the system. So, I'm pretty sure that I can do a better job.

Do you have any tax-related advice/tips?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Space

Today I feel better and the beautiful weather and sunshine has helped too. I snuck into our new offices today to see how the space looks and I'm more positive of the situation now. My boss had described things the best she could but it was really nice to see it. I still don't know who will be in what offices but the perk of having nice windows is great, and the foyer is much wider than I had imagined. Still not sure if we'll fit a fridge somewhere but I'm happy to move soon. A change is pace in life is always good, and I feel as though the changes I'm currently going through will prove to be for the better as well.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I wonder if it's weird that I can openly blog about my dad and China, yet I don't really feel like sharing all this info to my coworkers. Perhaps there's a difference in being anonymous or it could be that I express myself best through writing sometimes. *who knows*

Fun link of the day

I couldn't resist sharing this when I saw it appear on my igoogle home page today--how to make a cake in a mug. Do people seriously do this? I just couldn't help but laugh because I know my cake wouldn't look like that if I tried this. I'd probably set it on fire in the microwave. hahaha.

Safe Arrival

My dad make it to China safely--he's just exhausted. I downloaded Skype last night and called my mom, who filled me in on my dad. I guess his apartment looks just like the pictures online and he's been working US hours still. Oh, and his bed is rock hard so he's been sleeping on the couch. We might end up sending him an air mattress. I'm glad that he's safe and can't wait to hear from him on Skype.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

I met M at Kristen's for the sleepover last night. We ate dinner at Wahoo's Fish Taco. After dinner we watched Swing Vote, the Kevin Costner movie while we painted our nails and used the dead sea mask M got us from Israel. It was comforting to be around such good company, and it helped me forget about my dad's departure.

After leaving Kristen's, I went to a Superbowl party. I was hesitant to go, but I'm glad I went. An old old coworker of mine invited me. We haven't seen each other in probably two-three years. I get evites from her but I've never gone. It was nice to see her and to meet new people. I met one of her coworkers who's in a book club! So I'm excited to attend. We exchanged info and the next meeting is on Monday. The book of the week (or month) is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.