Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I made funfetti cookies last night!! Pictures to come soon!!!

At the last minute...

I'm so antsy right now. I feel anxious for Thanksgiving and really random. I feel like running around my office and jumping up and down and shouting crazy things and laughing hysterically. AHHHHHHH!

Every year my immediate family and I spend Thanksgiving up in Steamboat Springs. We usually rent the same condo, and my Dad and brother will go skiing while my mom and I either go shopping or curl up by the fireplace with a good book. Or take a long, hot bath. This year could be different due to family drama. But I still can't wait to escape the city and be surrounded by the wonderful trees and snow. Well, hopefully there's snow up there.

Last Thanksgiving I made creamed onions. I got the recipe from my friend Katie's mom, Diane. Katie and I met sophomore year of college and were both RA's. During the holidays, I never went home for Thanksgiving--it was just too expensive for a college kid to afford, so I often spent the holidays with college friends. In this case, I spent Thanksgiving with Katie and her family in New Hampshire. And I later got to see them again after they moved to Maine. Regardless, this particular Thanksgiving we actually spent in Cape Cod, with her grandparents. Her grandma made the best apple pie, and we made homemade applesauce (amazing!). All very good memories as you can see. Anyways, one of the specialties they always have at Thanksgiving is Diane's onions. They were really good, and believed to bring good health and longevity. Well last year I made them for my family, and they were great, but we couldn't eat them all.

So this year, I'm determined to make something. I want to feel as tho I've contributed to the meal. I asked my mom for suggestions and she suggested I do a vegetable dish, as the desserts are already covered. I've been browsing ideas online but I haven't really come up with anything that's exciting or something that my family will actually eat.

Here's my current ideas:
  1. Glazed Carrots--kinda boring, but also simple. They have my Dad's vote.
  2. Butternut Squash with Browned Butter and Thyme. (This has my vote.)
  3. Green Beans; either the homemade green bean casserole courtesy of my mom's coworker's recipe OR simple green beans topped with olive oil and some salt.
I know this is last minute, but does anyone out there have any other suggestions? What's your vote??

p.s. I should add that we already are planning on having stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, and turkey.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick Update

  • I did attend First Bite Boulder with M. We went to Trattoria on Pearl. Yum! Pictures to come as soon as M finds her camera cord.
  • More pictures to come of the pot pie M and I made a couple weeks ago.
  • I'm still behind on my novel, but I'm planning to make up some serious ground this week.
  • My brother is back for Thanksgiving break
  • M made butternut squash soup last night--looked and tasted very good!
  • Thanksgiving is almost here--can't wait to escape from the city & work.
  • My insurance company called me last week to notify me that the girl involved in the accident--she's hired an attorney. (bummer)

Monday, November 17, 2008

First Bite Boulder

Tonight M and I went to Trattoria on Pearl for First Bite Boulder. We opted for the wine pairings instead of the flight of wine. It was so nice to have a fancy dinner together. We haven't had one since Paris. Enjoy the mouth watering pictures below!

M's first course: Rotollino di Melanzane
Rolled eggplant filled with herb goat cheese, served with marinara sauce and basil

My first course: Fonduta con asparaggi e gamberetti
Gulf shrimp, fresh asparagus and leeks in a creamy mascarpone cheese fondue

M's second course: Osso Buco
Braised lamb shank served over risotto with wild mushrooms and fresh broccolini

My second course: Gnocchi di Zucca al burro e salvia
Homemade butternut squash gnocchi tossed with brown butter and sage-lemon sauce

Our desserts: Torta al Cioccolato fondente & Lime Tart-Ooooo Fantasy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need new blogs to read. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eeeks! I'm Behind

I'm behind. Yes, on my novel. I didn't write pretty much all last week, because I was either distracted by gentleman callers or too drained both mentally and emotionally. Apparently by today I should be at 15,000 words or so. I'm only at like 11,200. But, yesterday I started out with only 7,000 words. I went to the Denver Public Library and wrote while S worked on his paper. I got alot done, considering I wrote about 4,000 words in about, oh, 3 hours.

I know, it's probably not fair that I'm doing this whole Novel Writing thing because I'm a writer by trade. BUT, I'd like to point out that writing a novel is alot more work than writing about art, or interviewing someone, because you have to actually be creative and think. I know, what a concept. At this point my novel hasn't really evolved yet. I'm still writing about the characters and such. But I'm sure I'll stumble into a plot soon. When I was chatting with L today, she told me that some people in NaNoWriMo are already done! I was like, that's fine, but we're first timers-maybe if we had been doing NaNoWriMo for like 5 or 10 years, then we'd be one of those people. As it is, I'm just trying to keep my head above water. But I'm definitely not giving up. I've come this far, I can keep on writing. Right?


Saturday I went to my first CU football game with my family. Apparently CU donated some tickets to my brother's school, which also came with a coupon for a free hot dog and drink. Not too shabby. After the game, my mom and I wandered 29th Street Mall. We had fun playing dress up with make up in Sephora, where she bought new lip stain and lip balm. Who knew they had lip stain nowadays? It looks kinda scary to me but it gets the job done, so my mom is happy with it. We also perused Z Gallerie, Ann Taylor Loft, and Victoria's Secret. Sometimes window shopping can be so much fun.

After the mall, my mom and I went to eat at Mimi's, and then came home. My lil brother was high on energy, so I convinced him to let me pull out his tooth. It was so loose--it was about time it came out. I of course didn't do it, my mom did. (All I did was remind him of the perks--the tooth fairy.) Growing up, she was always the one to do the honors. She'll tie a piece of floss around the tooth, pull it tight, and then watch as the tooth falls out. It's a pretty classic method. Apparently when my brother needed his last tooth out, my Dad actually tied floss to his tooth and then around a doorknob, and shut the door. According to him, that method doesn't work--the floss tore in half. I find this to be pretty hysterical because 1) that's something my Dad would try, and 2) I've always wanted to know if that worked or not. Now I have an answer :)

But kids these days have it easy. My mom used Orajel to numb around the tooth, and then once it was all said and done, my Dad promised him $5. Whenever the tooth fairy came to me, I got a dollar per tooth. Not five dollars! Man, I was born in the wrong order. I should've been the youngest--not the oldest. Oh well. Wonders never cease.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It Could Be Worse

At 7:45 a.m. this morning I heard a knocking at my door. I was puzzled because no one besides maintenance knocks, and so I answered the door in my pajamas to discover it was...the cop from yesterday who gave me the accident info sheet and promised to call me. Calling and showing up to my apartment is completely different.

Anyways, he said that "since Colorado is no longer a no fault state, they have to find someone at fault, and they believe I was at fault." Therefore, they issued me a summons to court, along with a 3 point ticket for "failure to yield on a left hand turn." My court date is December 16, more than a month away. Part of me wishes it was sooner so that while all the details are fresh in my head. My reaction to this news was of course crying, and asking the officer a billion and one questions, which he answered until I had no more to ask. He said I could bring someone with me to court, and that most likely what will happen is that I will meet with the prosecutor and basically plead guilty, and then he will make a recommendation to the judge, who will issue the final decision. I do have the right to take it to a juried trial with people or without the people and just the judge. He also said that they will take into account my driving record, which had nothing on it, not even a ticket. He said in this case because this was an accident, I have to appear in court, and I can't receive a plea bargain in the mail.

He also said that the girl went and got a catscan and was unconscious and confused as to where she was at one point, but they said the catscan revealed nothing, and she was released. Also, the officer told me she was riding in lane 2, which clearly implies she was NOT on the sidewalk. She doesn't have to appear in court though.

I did talk with my insurance agent, and he said nothing will be paid out as far as her medical bills because they officially have not come to a conclusion as to who was at fault. If they do find I am guilty, then my insurance will deal with it.

In reality, I'm guessing that's what will end up happening, and I'm sure my insurance rate will go up, but I won't know for sure. Part of me feels scared to go to court, because I'm not a criminal, it was an accident, and I don't want to get in trouble. But the other part of me is hella pissed, and ready to fight for my side of the story and ready to defend myself. I have asked my mother to come with me, partially for moral support, but also because she is very versed in the court system stuff, and Colorado laws. No, she's not a lawyer, but she's had to deal with my 19-yr-old brother losing his license and getting in accidents, so she's familiar with the process. At least everyone is okay, and at least I have a chance to reduce the ticket. And I think I might even be able to sleep tonight. S says that situations like these give you a chance to prove what kind of person you are; I agree. I think I am in the right to be freaked out and upset at this moment, but I know come court day, I'll be a poised, eloquent, adult.

p.s. One thing my insurance agent made me feel better about was that technically they don't have any proof of me failing to yield, so how can they prove me guilty without proof? The black SUV lady was just turning the corner down the street, so she only saw the aftermath.
p.p.s. A co-worker suggested I take pictures of my point of vision from where the accident happened, to prove that the trees which line the sidewalk could've obstructed my vision. At this point, I'm willing to consider anything that will help my defense.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Worst Day Ever

I've had the worst morning ever. Seriously.

At like 8:48 a.m. I was coming out of my apartment complex. I went down the big hill, and stopped at the STOP sign. I looked both ways, and only saw a black SUV turning the corner. I was easing into the intersection, about to turn left, when all of a sudden I collided with a girl on a bike! The next moments flew by so fast--I didn't see her coming at all. Then just like the movies, it was slow motion that I stopped, and saw her roll off the hood of my car.

I was so shook up, I parked my car. I got out. I found her on the ground near the trunk of my car. She wasn't wearing a helmet, and had a backpack on. She sat up, crying. I went over and told her I was so sorry and I didn't see her, and asked if she was okay. Then the lady driving the black SUV stopped and came over calling 911, telling her to lay back down. The girl was on her way to work, biking up the hill, and is 23. She had dreadlocks, and she said she didn't want to go to the hospital because she didn't have insurance. I was just in shock.

The ambulance came, along with a huge fire truck. They checked her out, she said her head kinda hurt but she was fine. They insisted she go get checked out so she stood and put herself on the gurney thingy. Then the cops came, and they took pictures of the accident; where my car was, the scrapes on my car from her bike; where the bike landed; where I stopped. It was a good thing my car was dirty because they could see where she slid off my car. I wasn't going fast at all. I swear she wasn't on the sidewalk; I would've seen her. I was so shook up I gave the cop my expired insurance card. I thought that since it said 2008 on it that it was valid. But it wasn't. It was from April. But they called my insurance company and they verified me, so that worked out. The other cop took her bike and the last cop just gave me a copy of the accident information exchange paper and said he was going to visit the girl in the hospital and see her side of the story and then he would call me. He said at that point he didn't know whose fault it was. I tried to explain my side, while teary-eyed of course, but I'm not sure if that helped. At least the first cop I spoke with listened to me.

So now I wait. I've been waiting all day long--I'm very anxiety-ridden at this point. I don't want to eat, I don't want to drink anything. I really don't want to be at work. I am so scared to drive now but I have to tonight because I'm going to this volunteer awards ceremony. I am super paranoid now, especially because I work in Boulder--city of the bicyclists.

I just hope that she doesn't sue me. I hope that she doesn't change her story and tell the officer that I was speeding or that I intentially hit her. I hope that she is okay. I hope that I'm not in trouble. No matter how many times I've told myself it was an accident, I still feel terrible. The way that the black SUV lady looked at me, it was like I had killed someone. I just want to go home and be with my doggie and around family and cry some more.

I know that life goes on, and if I am at fault, then I have no choice but to "man up" and handle it. I'm an adult now. But my question is, if no one is at fault, who pays for her ambulance fee to the hospital? And if I am at fault, do I just pay my $500 deductible? Will my insurance go up? I asked my agent if it would, and he said it would depend on the amount of money the insurance company pays.

I want it to be okay. I want to feel safe. Keep your fingers crossed for me. If I don't hear anything tonight, I'm definitely calling tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

1, 2, 3...

...and I'm off! Writing of course. I started writing on Saturday for NaNoWriMo, and made it past my goal of 1,667 words. Yesterday was a bit tougher to get through the word count, but that was completely my fault. I didn't start writing until like 8p.m., which is bad news because I write best in the afternoons. Instead of writing, I spent my morning in bed sleeping in and then reading for fun. I am a fan of the time change. In the afternoon I went shopping at New York & Company where I got a new white puffer vest and soft purple sweater for $35. Yea, it was a steal of a deal. Then I moseyed on to Kohl's. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, so I left. My next stop was Best Buy, where I checked out the Nikon A590, and 1100. I'm torn between which one is better, or which one I want, but nonetheless, it was good to look. Overall it was a great weekend because I got to relax and sleep in!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween but nothing scary

I spent Halloween with M and her bf, drinking pumpkin beer out of my new Halloween glasses. I'll have to post a pic of them soon. They are so cute! I got a whole set of 5 at Feather Thy Nest in Boulder. I'd never been there before but I was walking back to the office and spotted the sign that said "All Halloween items 75% off." After consulting with M, I decided to just get two classes, because I thought they would be $2.50 each. Turns out the entire set was $2.50. What a steal!

We didn't have any trick-o-treaters, but I blame that on us living in an apartment complex. But we still made a sign that said Trick or Treat and taped it on our front door. After eating spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, we all watched some of Bravo's 100 Scariest Moments, and this ghost hunters show. We saw nothing really scary, but it was a relaxing night.

Another reason to vote

Two more reasons to vote...free ice cream AND donuts!