Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Today is the first time this entire month that I have felt like excited about Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Maybe this mood has to do with me listening to Pandora's White Christmas station, featuring some of my favorite songs by Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, and other old people. (For the record, Mariah is not old)

In light of my spectacular mood, because Christmas is coming (!), and the fact that I don't work retail tonight and that I have most of my Christmas shopping done, I'm giving away something pretty awesome.

You can win this book that I picked up from the infamous STRAND store in Manhattan when I was in NYC a few months ago. The book is about this photojournalist named Alison Wright who has traveled the world. In particular, she loves Thailand and Laos (is that in Thailand?) and some other exotic countries. Oh, and she's personally talked with and met the Dalai Lama, which makes her even more awesome in my book.

The book is a super easy read and it definitely kept my attention. It centers around a horrific accident she was in and how meditation kept her alive. Then it chronicles her journey to recovery and how she dealt with everyday life. It's an amazing story, and I'm glad I happened to randomly buy it.

Anyone can win, even if you don't live in the U.S. Because I hate it when people say, "tweet this" or "facebook that" for more entries, I'm keeping it simple kids. All you gotta do is comment. It can be something about meditating, about Christmas, or about what you ate today. I could care less. Just comment. I'll have my dog choose the winner.

Provided I actually get comments, this giveaway will end at midnight on the first day of winter, aka December 21. So get crackin'!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reality Check

Figuratively, I've been hiding out lately. I've been in my own bubble of thoughts.

Basically, I've been interviewing my butt off, and still not getting any job offers. It's SO FRUSTRATING! I've even asked the hiring managers why I didn't get it, and they all basically say, "it's not you, it's me." That doesn't help. People keep telling me that the right job will come along...and I believe that for all of 2.5 seconds, before I think to myself, "yea right, you're not the one spending $100 on new 'interviewing clothes,' you're not the one requesting all these odd half-days off from work, you're not the one doing writing tests once a week and taking returning calls from potential employers while hiding out in your car for fear that a coworker might overhear. Basically, you have no idea what it's like" <---- that's what I want to say.

In the mean time, I've gotten a second job just for the holiday season at the mall. It's not the most glamorous but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. I haven't been sleeping well because I keep dreaming about the job and what I need to remember and how to work the cash register and how I can improve so I don't get fired. Oh, and I'm having trouble with anxiety of the job hunt and of the low low low balance of my savings account. I feel defeated that I'm never gonna be able to afford my own place.

I've also been whining about why I'm not in a relationship. Even people I don't even like have significant others and it's like, why don't I get what I want? Yes, I'm selfish or jealous or whatever. But at least I'm being honest. Even the not attractive looking girls that I work with at my other job have boyfriends and I'm wayyy cuter and sweeter than they are. Just sayin'. It's not fair.

So anyways, I've been keeping all these thoughts in my head. It wasn't until Monday night that I finally got a reality check. I had dinner with my best friend from grade school. She cooked me and her husband dinner. It was great. It was at dinner that I started on my rant about how I'm not getting a new job. She actually reminded me that a lot of people don't even have one job, much less two like I do. She reminded me that I'm thankful to be living at home and not homeless.

And then she shared some of her own news that she's expecting! I seriously was beyond thrilled for her and her husband. Seriously, I can't wait. They are going to be cute parents and the baby is going to be so cute, and they are going to have a cute family.

Ok, I'll stop saying cute now. But really, I was truly happy for her. I wasn't envious of the wonderful life she has. It was hearing this news that popped my inner bubble I was living in and made me see that there are other things out there to be thankful for. Since then, I have new perspective on the things that I'm going through. It doesn't hurt to have wonderful things to look forward to either.

How have you all been?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's not Christmas yet!

Contrary to what others think, I am a firm believer that the Christmas season doesn't begin until AFTER THANKSGIVING.

I went to the mall the other day to apply for store retail jobs for the holidays to make some extra moolah. And let me tell you, they had Christmas decorations up all over the place. Thankfully, I haven't heard any Christmas music on the radio yet.

While I was in Borders to see if they had a book I wanted, I saw this fake Christmas tree. Every year my family gets a real one, so I'd never do a fake one...but...if I had to, ya know, because of some apartment living rule or something...well, I'd actually like this one, but only because it's PINK!

Secondly, it feels more like the holiday season because we had a nutritionist stop by my office yesterday and tell us how not to gain 50 million pounds. She basically said that we should have a 1 plate limit, to eat a little something before going to the party with the huge buffet of food, and to not stress overeating. If we have a huge meal if fatty things, just balance it out with some fruits and veggies later. Sounds easy enough, right?

Lastly, two days ago we got our first dusting of snow. Of course everyone and their mother freaked out on the road, and traffic was terrible. But thankfully we haven't gotten anything real bad yet.

Does it feel like the holidays to you yet?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Acceptance & Rejection

The past two weeks have seemed like months to me because I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Oh wait, that sounds gross. I mean...I've been like a goose trying to lay a golden egg. (Clearly a Willa Wonka & The Chocolate Factory reference).

That golden egg for me would be a new job. I obviously don't hate my current job. In fact, there are times that I downright--dare I say--love it. But the reality of my current position is that everyone in my office is old and will be here forever and that translates to me never getting a promotion with a hefty pay raise. That is, unless I want to be here forever too, which I don't, especially when I see that positions at other companies pay more.

It's obviously not all about the money either. But it's a definite perk. Having extra money in a paycheck every month would help with bills, but also aid in the process of me moving out of my parent's house so that I can have some semblance of a life.

It all started a few weeks ago when I received a LinkedIn request from someone I don't know in real life. I read her message saying her company had an opening in an office here, and would I like to talk with her? Sure, I had nothing to lose. I did a phone screen with her and that lead to an interview with an editor for a business-y publication.

I haven't interviewed for a job in like forever, so I had a lot of anxiety about it, but I did it. I thought it was alright. I didn't mess up per se but I also was nervous and could have been more aggressive. I didn't hear back from that one so I'm assuming I didn't get it.

I did that interview, then kinda just went back to normal life until I got another e-mail from the HR lady saying there was the same position open at another one of their publications, and would I like to talk with the editor of that one? Sure. That phone interview went well, and the editor said she'd e-mail me an editing test. Ya know, to see if I can actually prove I know proper grammar.

I looked at it, and not only was there an editing test but there was an assignment to write an article for their publication about this new bill and figure out who it will matter to and why. Let me remind you, for this publication, it's all about life insurance.

Um, it took me two freakin' days to figure what the hell an annuity was and why I care. Not to mention, I had to call and talk with people about this stuff and basically pretend like I know what an AMT (alternative minimum tax) is. In the midst of all this work I had to do for the article last week I met with the life insurance publication's group editor, whom I really loved. He was easy going and relaxed and just like awesome. I was super comfortable with him and I definitely know that I did my best in that interview as well.

After making my brain hurt all last week, I finally turned in the article and all the tests in this past Friday. Let me tell you, I was relieved that it was over. In some ways, I am glad I had to do all those things because I really made me realize I don't want to work in that industry. It's just not fun.

While all of this is happening, I've also had a phone interview with a different company for a position I actually want. I had my last face-to-face interview yesterday and I think it went well. I honestly can say I did my best and am just waiting to hear back now. My friend who works for that company said they really liked me and had nothing negative to say about my interview. She also forewarned me that the other candidate I'm up against has like double the experience I do (which is like um...why aren't you applying for OTHER JOBS YOU MORON).

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much but I honestly do want this one. It's hard to go through all of this work of prepping for the interview questions, figuring out what to wear, and taking random half days off of work to go to these interviews. It's all draining and exhausting and you feel like you're never gonna make it.

I obviously felt like I was on a high when I had all these people wanting me, but now that it's all over, I'm like good riddance. I feel like my confidence has taken a major hit because I just found out in a one line e-mail today that I didn't get the life insurance jobs. Obviously, I didn't want them, but even saying that doesn't make me feel better. It's still like shoot...bummer...crap. But, at the same time, I honestly don't think I would've jumped ship to a job that I wouldn't really enjoy. Not to mention that office was like hella far away from where I live, and I'd probably go insane dealing with all the traffic on the highway.

I know that things happen for a reason. I know that I had to apply to a bazillion jobs before I got this one. I know the job hunt will be worth it at some point. I definitely am job hunt happy right now, and even might be motivated to write a damn cover letter (which is like pulling teeth for me). I know I can ace interviews and have valuable skills and am pretty much awesome. Now I'm just waiting for the right job to come at the right time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love a deal.

Hi my name is Wonderful and I have a confession to make. I've gotten really addicted to those daily deal websites. You know what I'm talking about--the Groupon and LivingSocial of our lives, if you will. These darn things are getting me to spend wayyyyy too much money lately.

I open my email and I'll see, "$10 for $20 worth of frozen yogurt," or "$20 for $60 worth the spa credit at this really cool spa that you couldn't otherwise afford," and I WANT WANT WANT IT. Over the past month, I've bought like four different deals.

I have an hour long hot stone massage, a shopping spree at the GAP, and food at a bbq restaurant to use. Heck, I'm even using a Groupon to buy my Halloween costume this year. I'm not sure if this is pathetic or really awesome.

Don't even get me started on those sites that have different deals each day of the week BUT allow you all week to purchase them. Those are way too tempting too. Although, in my humble opinion, they aren't as popular as the daily deal sites. Either that or I'm subscribing to the wrong ones.

What about you? Have you fallen into the daily deal craze?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happiness, gratitude & value

Over the weekend I heard a story about how many people are impatient because they have all these demands--from their employer, family, and friends. No one says thank you. No one appreciates all of their hard work. Essentially, they don't feel valued.

What I took from that story when I heard it on Sunday was that I should be more grateful for the people in my life. As I was putting dinner on the table for my dad and brother, I stopped to tell them that story. And then I proceeded to bring up how we never help my mom out with the dishes after she's cooked dinner for us, or how I never tell my dad thank you for working so hard, and how my brother never sets the table. Sure, these examples are pretty small, but the bigger lesson here is to be more aware of those around you.

While I've been mindful of the people around me and all that they do, I also had another theme arise in my thoughts: value.

When I think of value, I think of "the value of a dollar," or the "value of that product" or how that coupon saved me .77 cents, making it a "great value."

But I recently realized that there's another definition of value that I've been missing. Value in terms of work.

While I was meeting with my spritual director yesterday, I shared with him how in the past two weeks, I've been so happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. That kind of happy. The kind of happy that makes me want to break out dancing and laugh like a fool. I told him how happy I am because of all the new job opportunities that have come my way, and how I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

I told him how I've imagined walking into my boss's office and telling her that I'm leaving to take a position at another company. I've pictured her reaction to my news and look of the shock on her face, and how happy I will feel to tell all of my coworkers that I'm leaving.

Two years ago, when I imagined leaving, I worried that I'd miss my coworkers. Now I could careless. I know it's time for a change. And frankly, it feels good to be wanted. It gives me validation of all my hard work in my current position.

When I told him all of this, he said, "I'm getting the sense that you don't feel valued at your job." AMEN BROTHA. Seriously, I've never thought of it that way, but he's right. I don't. I've gotten a ton of new work thrown at me, but never have had a positive comment saying, "thanks," or "I know you worked hard on looks great." Nope. It's just expected, same 'ol shit, different day.

And frankly, knowing that I can be valued in other positions and situations, well, it gives me wings to fly so to speak. It gives me the motivation to work harder. It gives me the positive outlook I've been wanting to have for awhile. It makes me believe that I can do it. I can get a new job. I can move out of my parent's house and into my own place. I can be unstoppable.

What about you? Do you feel valued?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Travel Fridays

Last month I got really excited about going to New Mexico. If you recall, there was a time when I was certain I wasn't going this year. But then I found cheap airfare (read: $98 roundtrip) and figured it was possible. That I could go.

Well, now I'm changing my mind again. I really would like to go, but even with the cheap airfare, I'd still have to come up with extra cash to stay at a hotel or a place. The cheapest rate I've found via this site is $55, which can add up since I was planning on staying 4 or 5 days.

*sigh* Maybe I can go again in the Spring or next Fall....or maybe someone will magically buy all of my inventory so I can afford it.

Is there anywhere you want to go to but can't afford?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've had a lot going on lately.... mom went to Spain for two weeks, leaving me in a house full of boys. Surprisingly, my dad has stepped up to the plate and has made dinner (courtesy of Costco) and even cleaned the kitchen!

....I magically was approached with a potential new job. This lady found me via one of my profiles online, and before you know it, I had a phone interview with her, followed by a real interview with the editor in chief of a magazine yesterday. I think the interview went well, minus the fact that he asked for my references and writing samples and I didn't have them. It's between me and two other people for the position and I don't have a clue what it pays, but it makes me feel good to be wanted (professionally).

....For the other job that I really want, I'm in the second round, waiting to hear if I made the third round. Apparently they aren't even looking at my writing sample until next week, so I won't know till the week after that if I made the cut. But, it makes me feel good that they only asked 10 people to submit a writing sample, and from there they are narrowing it down to 3-5 people to interview. So I'm crossing my fingers that I get an interview.

....I've been looking around for a second job. Obviously, if I get either of the new positions above, I probably won't need a second job...but I'm really far behind on my whole plan to move out and buy my own place. This girl needs to save more money for a downpayment, and a second job would be the best option. Plus, when it gets cold here, my social life drastically diminishes, so why not work instead?

....Over the weekend, I went shopping & bought a new dress at Forever 21 similar to this one and had a lovely outing with M to see the changing colors of the Aspen leaves. It still doesn't feel like Fall here yet, but once it does, I'm going to revel in all of its gloriousness because it's my favorite season of the year.

What makes you happy? Or, what's something that you'd like to share?

Monday, October 4, 2010

This totally made my day

Hello You know who

Hello Kill Bill - The Bride





Hello Flash

Hello Green Lantern

Hello TRON 2010

Hello Hitty

Hello UltraKitty

Hello DarthKitty

Hello Daft Punk GUY

Hello Daft Punk THOMAS

Hello H2K2

Hello Dark Knight

Hello Buster Kitty

Hello CyberKitty

Hello Venom

Hello Mr Fantastic Kitty

Hello Spidey

Hello Captain Amerikitty

Hell-o Kitty

Hello StaypuftKitty

Hello Kicky

Hello Smurfy Kitty

Hello Lucky Kitty

HALO Kitty

Hello Clockwork Orange Kitty

Hello Zombie Kitty

Hello rorschach


Hello IronKitty

Hello Gangsta Kitty

Hello Kirk Kitty

Hello Spock Kitty

Hello Trek Kitty

Hello-ween Kitty

Hello Snow Kitty

Hello Kitty Boushh

Hello Boba Kitty

Hello Emperors Guard Kitty

Hello Scout Trooper Kitty

Hello Rebel Pilot Kitty

Hello c3po

Hello Storm Kitty

Hello x-Kitty

Hello BuzzKitty

Hello All Black Kitty

Hello RoboKitty

Hello Batty

Hello Kia Ora Kitty

Hello Jason

Source: flickr