Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down...

Wanna know the weirdest thing that's happened to me today?

I've gotten hiccups twice! *And I haven't even been drinking.

What's strange is that the hiccups are intense. Like my entire upper body is struggling to contain them.

But even stranger is that the hiccups I just had--they seriously only lasted 60 seconds.

I wonder if they'll come back again.

Things do come in three's right? Or does only apply to death?

*Funny story. In college whenever I'd have too much to drink, I'd get the hiccups. And one time I was in a house full of frat brothers with my friends when the hiccups attacked. And I couldn't get rid of them to save my life. Except my bff at the time, Joe, he saved my life by going through the frat brother's kitchen cabinets and giving me a spoonful of sugar. Literally. Mary Poppins knows her shit, because it worked. And I've used that cure ever since. Too bad I'm at work and no sugar is to be found. I should text Joe.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bake or Broil?

Yesterday I listened to my Self Absorbed friend talk about how she made Funfetti cookies and oh my gosh, they were so good, and you have to make some, and I can't eat them all, I'll get so fat...blah blah blah blah. But somewhere in the middle of her ranting about getting fat, I actually went to Walmart after work and bought Funfetti cake mix and chocolate fudge frosting. Now, normally I'm a vanilla frosting type of girl with Funfetti cake. To me it just tastes better, but yesterday I wanted chocolate.

Fast forward to about 8:30 p.m. last night. My little brother offers to help me make the cupcakes (mainly because he wanted to eat them). I think it's so cute that he wants to help for once. I let him measure out the ingredients, and even crack the eggs! He even mixes the whole thing together. Then I do the hard part, and spoon all the stuff into two muffin tins. Now, I read the directions carefully, to only fill 1/3 of the way full. But I had so much left over, and I didn't want to dirty another pan, and so I just topped them off.

Meanwhile, I asked my brother to set the oven to 350 degrees. He proceeds to tell me he doesn't know how to do that, and I help him with that. I also ask him to put it on bake. I go on my way, put the cupcakes in the oven, set the timer, and go upstairs to lounge in my comfy bed and read Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'm about halfway through the chapter, when my brother runs upstairs and interrupts my reading time, saying "I think something's burning!"

I roll my eyes and hop out of bed, and check on the timer. It still says it has 13 minutes to go. So, I open the oven and look at them. The ones on the top rack are browned at the top, but the ones on the bottom look like dough. Then I realized what all the burning smell was about. My brother set the oven to BROIL, not bake.

I was really tempted to google "help, I broiled the cupcakes!" but I didn't want him to feel bad. After all, I rarely ever get his help in the kitchen. I just turned the browned cupcakes around, set the oven to bake, and reset the timer.

The broiled cupcakes were still moist in the middle, but were more or less crunchy on the top and the bottom, which actually makes for a tasty cupcake sandwich. I didn't bring them into work today because I didn't want people thinking I don't know how to make Funfetti cupcakes out of a box!

What's your worst kitchen mishap?

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm such a rebel

I have been listening to the most inappropriate songs lately while I've been at work. Luckily I always listen to my headphones, but in my small office of older ladies, I don't think they'd appreciate my "taste" in music.

Example #1

Apparently I've had alot of pent up anger or something...but I felt better listening to it. I don't know why, but I feel so bad when I cuss on purpose or listen to rap music really loud that has cussing in it or bad words.

Example #2

I first heard this song on the radio while driving on my way to work. But today I took it one step further and not only watched this video, but I actually wikipedia'd the young rapper...what's his name? Oh, Bobby Brackins. Honestly, the kid looks like a teenager, even tho he's like 22. Not to mention, he's not even hot. In fact, I think he's creepy! But Ray J is hot, so it all makes up for it.

Example #3

Again, I must have anger issues. But it really does have a good message. And I usually hate Eminem.

Any songs stuck in your head?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey there social butterfly...

This weekend, I was abnormally social. On Friday I went to a bachelorette party for M's coworker, whom I've met like twice. We made a jungle juice concoction, took funny pictures, and waited for her friends to show up. The party got started when her friends showed up complete with inappropriate nametags, a wedding veil covered with blinking penises, pink tiaras, and a pinata in a phallic shape with the words "beat it."

Once we were all decked out in our party gear, we headed down to a very naughty place where the bride was the center of attention. Needless to say, there are no pictures of that part of the night.

Then we headed downtown to dance the night away. And it was fun. I got talked into dancing with the bride to be on the stage where the dj was playing music, and M joined us. The night ended there, and I was miraculously sober. Guess I figured since I hadn't really drank in awhile, I'd take it easy.

I spent the night at M's, and then on Saturday we went to lunch at Tony's Meat Market downtown. It was a nice day out. Then I went home and lazied around the house before getting ready for bachelorette party #2, which ended up being drama central.

First of all, this party was making me anxious all week because plans kept changing, and the bride to be insisted we wear all black. So I ended up borrowing a black dress to wear. The girls who were planning this shindig, Desiree, and Elisa, had originally planned for us to go to an optional dinner with the bride at the cheesecake factory. Well, the day before the event, I get a text from Desiree saying that dinner isn't there anymore and it's at this other restaurant. Then she texts me again later on saying that not enough girls are staying at a hotel, so would I mind staying with her? I didn't mind. I wasn't sure if I would be sober or not, and I didn't want to take any chances, so I told her I'd stay with her.

So I get to her apartment, all ready for a night out. Only I notice that she's not dressed up. She had jeans and a t-shirt on, and had packed what looked like an overnight bag. I asked her if I was still staying with her and she said yes. Well, I ride downtown with her and this girl Amber. But the car ride was so awkward. First off, Desiree called the bride to be a bridezilla and complained about planning this whole party. Then she proceeds to talk about all of the three men she's currently sleeping with. AWKWARD. I was thankful I was sitting in the backseat.

I had assumed that Desiree would be attending dinner since she helped plan the entire thing. But nope. Amber dropped me off, saying that they needed "to check into the hotel and get ready." Then Desiree tells me to tell all the girls at dinner to meet at the hotel. This is the same hotel that not enough people wanted to stay at. So I get to dinner early, but eventually everyone shows up. I got to sit next to the bride to be, which was awesome. I even ordered her one of her favorite drinks, with Malibu rum and pineapple juice.

Then somehow, it comes out that Desiree told one of the bride's coworkers that she's a bridezilla. And I of course had to tell her about what she said in the car on the way down, and ended up telling her about the hotel. And of course she got upset because Desiree apparently told her that she CANCELLED the hotel. Turns out she didn't, and then wanted her to pay for it! I couldn't believe that.

So by the end of dinner, all 12 girls that were there decide that we need to do our own thing, and not listen to Desiree's original plans of which clubs to go to. So we end up going to the first club, which was kinda fancy, but it wasn't crowded at all because at this point it was only 9 p.m. The bride danced with Desiree and Amber and a few others. But a group of girls decided to run out to another bar nearby and get cheaper drinks, so I followed them. We went to the bar and got two shots each, and then ran back to the club.

After awhile, we decided to go to the next venue, another fancy club. We got there and noticed that Desiree and Amber weren't there. But I ended up seeing them in the bathroom, and the first thing out of Desiree's mouth is "Oh hey, there's my girl. You're totally staying with us tonight!"

Yeah, that's not reassuring at all. I got myself a $10 drink, and tried to dance and have fun, but I was so worried about where I was staying that night and about my stuff that was at Desiree's. And I was kicking myself for not checking with the bride first, because I should've known there was drama and sketchiness happening all around.

But I did dance until my feet hurt so bad from my stupid high heels, and my camera battery died. But the bride had so much fun. But most of the night Desiree and Amber were no where to be seen, which I didn't mind too much except I didn't know what the plan was for the end of the night. I tried to text Desiree but her phone "died" but I got Amber's number.

So I finish my expensive drink, and it's a bit after midnight, when all of a sudden, I just worry about being left behind and not getting my stuff and I just want to go home. Only then I freaked out because even my car and my keys are at Desiree's and I kept thinking, if everyone hates her and she's a liar, and she's irresponsible (she lost her i.d.) and she's been drinking, how am I gonna get home?? How am I gonna get my stuff?? And then I started to cry. In the middle of the dance floor. I became THAT girl.

I of course tried to wipe my tears away and put on a happy face--because I didn't want the bride's night to be ruined. But one of the other girls, who had too much to drink, looks over at me and asks me if I'm crying, to which I said no, but continued to cry. And then soon enough she's like screaming, WHY ARE YOU CRYING? I was so embarrassed. I didn't want the attention. I just wanted to go home.

Well, the bride ended up finding out about how I was upset about my stuff and everything, and she found Desiree and asked her for her key. Desiree didn't want to give us her key, because it was in Amber's car. Meanwhile, Amber's making out with some dude. Desiree's complaining about how she "does this all the time!" Seriously, not two minutes later, the guy was making out with BOTH of them. At the same time.

We ended up convincing Desiree and Amber to drive back to Desiree's place and either meet us there or leave a key under the doormat. The sober bride to be drove me over there. I didn't see anyone, but she suggested we look for the key. Turns out the DOOR WAS UNLOCKED. Which makes me think that it was like that the entire night. But honestly, I was just happy to get my stuff back and go home.

Now I know why I stay away from drama.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Travel Fridays

My most recent obsession has been this blog which has amazing pictures of Paris. Most of the places in those pictures, I've been to, even if it was two or three years ago. Seriously, if I could just figure out a way to live in France for a bit, I totally would. I was thinking maybe I could go to grad school there, or just go there on a whim and hide out for awhile, or get a job there and work and eat baguettes while I stroll along the Champs-Elysees. Ahh...that'd be amazing!

What are you obsessed with this week?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free me baby...

This entire weekend I did something liberating.

I didn't wear my watch.

Now, I know most of you are thinking to yourselves, "so, whatever, that's not liberating." But to me it is. You see, I wear this silver and gold Fossil watch, and I literally never take it off--unless I'm getting some sort of massage. I've worn it while swimming, in the shower, doing name it, I've probably had it on my wrist. But this weekend, while I took my second bikham yoga class ever in my life, I removed it. And I didn't put it back on. Even as I type this, I'm not wearing it. And I feel so free. Sure, there's a part of me that wonders what time it is, but that's why I have my cell phone.

What makes you feel liberated? Is it going a day without showering? Wearing sweats to the store? Or maybe letting go of your inner critic?