Monday, October 6, 2008


Recently I was online browsing for some healthy recipes, when I came upon this 'lil nugget of information on Oprah's website.

1. You must eat only what you really enjoy.
2. You must really enjoy everything you eat.

I have to say that those are really simple, but truly helpful. Often times I'm indecisive when it comes to eating. I just eat whatever I packed for lunch or think is the easiest to make. But lately I've been stepping it up a notch. I made shrimp linguine for the first time last month, and made egg salad too, both of which turned out to be a success. And I feel good--good that my recipes turned out, proud of myself that I can actually follow a recipe, and happy that I'm using my money wisely.

Anyways, those two principles have made me stop and take my time before I order or before I think what to cook. And it's been really great to just eat a piece of chocolate because I want one, or eat a bowl of soup, even though it's not cold outside. It's still early, but I'm trying my best to remind myself of these principles, especially when I feel rushed, or am super hungry. Because when I give my body what it really wants, it's truly happy.

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