Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bollywood part two

Bollywood class last night was good--we finished learning the choreography to the 7 minute song. But before class, an awkward exchange took place between me and the instructor.

Class is supposed to start at 6:15, and I don't like being late, I like to be early. So I got out of my car at like 6:10, only to find that the door to the studio was locked. So of course I rolled my eyes and sighed and then walked away. Well, there was a car parked in front of the door, and I thought the lady in the car was someone I had met in a previous class. But it turned out to be my instructor. She was on her Blackberry. She and I made eye contact and she held up her finger as to say 1 minute. I of course gave her space and walked away from her car and waited.

Her: (gets out of her car, acknowledges my presence) Oh hi!
Me: Hi
Her: Sorry about that I was just finishing up an e-mail
Me: Oh no problem, I didn't realize the studio was locked because everytime I've come here it's always unlocked.
Her: Yea, sorry, i was typing up an e-mail.
Me: Oh yea, no problem...I guess I must be early today because it was locked.
Her: I KNOW I WAS TYPING UP AN E-MAIL (and says this while giving me a death stare)
Me: Oh no problem.
Her: unlocks the door
Me: awkwardly walks in and stares at bulletin board of dance flyers until other people walk in the studio. Then listen to her talk to all the other attendees about her daughter.

I seriously didn't mean to make her mad or feel bad about typing up her e-mail. I'd like to think the reason why she gave me such attitude was because she might have had a long day or might be stressed out. It's better to give her the benefit of the doubt, right?

I was so happy to be done with the class last night. That is until I got an e-mail from my instructor today saying that I have one more class left. Figures--just my luck. I don't wanna go! I'm tempted to e-mail her back asking her to double check her records, but I don't want her to email me back with attitude. So I might just have to suck it up and go again for the last time. For realz.


Manisha said...

Where are you taking these classes? I am so interested in knowing more!

Wonderful said...

I am taking mine in Boulder, at Pearl Street Studios, it's right next to Snarf's off 22nd and Pearl. But I know she also teaches class in Denver. It's all on the website.