Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Picking

Reading Damn Yankee's entry about apple picking made me nostalgic for my days in upstate New York, where I first went apple picking. The Recreation Services Department offered a trip out there for $3, and that $3 was refundable too. I forget why it was, but basically I got to go to Abbott's Farm for free. I went with Tina, who turned out to be my only college roommate. We boarded a yellow school bus and arrived at the farm about 30 min later. I remember we filled up two big bags of apples, and paid only like $2 or something. It was ridiculously cheap, and we snacked on the apples for the next month or so. We also bought a small pumpkin for our room. It was a great time.

Even sophomore year when I went home with my friend Katie for Thanksgiving, we went apple picking in New Hampshire, and brought back apples for our friends. The year after that, Katie and I made homemade applesauce with her grandmother in Cape Cod. So many good memories!

This year I want to find a place to go apple picking in Colorado. If I find a place, it'd be great to make an apple pie. A couple of years ago I tried to make one and it turned out okay--I think it needed more flour. Kristen and I are going to make one soon, so I'm on the hunt for the best apple pie recipe out there. Suggestions are welcome!

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Betts said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I don't have a pie recipe, but just a suggestion... make sure you use apples that are good for baking and won't go all mushy on you. Cortland, Macouns and Granny Smith are good ones, but there are lots more.