Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

I seriously don't think I've laughed nearly as much as I have this weekend. On Friday, after work I went to Costco to pick up this amazing cake that I've been craving for months.You see, literally about 4 months ago my uncle had a party and had Costco cake there and let's just say that I ate two pieces that night plus asked for a couple more to go. It was that good. So ever since, I've been craving it. Well, I picked it up on time, but I seriously forgot just how big everything is at Costco.

This cake is 152 oz and almost 10 pounds. Seriously, that's a lot of cake. It's white with vanilla cheesecake filling. So sugary, sweet, but delish.

After finally making it to the birthday girl's place, we raced to Best Buy. The plan was to see the movie Valentine's Day, but we just ran out of time, and we didn't look up times for the late show, and it turned out the birthday girl had already seen it, so we ditched that idea and got take out at Pei Wei for dinner. After eating, we had cake, and then settled in for the night. 

The present & dinner

M and I bought the bday girl Scattagories and she lovedddd it. And so it was fitting that we played oh, 12 rounds of it. I told stories and we laughed and drank and had a blast before doing a coloring activity where we had to draw a rosebush and then answer questions about it. (The bday girl is in grad school for counseling). We finally went to bed around 1 a.m. and slept like angels.

On Saturday we woke up and made crepes and watched My Girl and lounged on the couch for a long time. We finally decided to get outside and go run errands, with stops at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. Then we took the bday girl to Red Robin for lunch and made sure to tell our server that it was her birthday (even if it was earlier this month) so that she would get sung to and free dessert. It was a success! 

After taking her dog to the dog park, we divvied up the leftover cake (there was no way I was taking 9 pounds of cake home--my mom would've killed me) we parted ways. I love my friends and our sleepover memories. It's the best!

There's a lot of cake left at this point

After making a pit stop at my uncle's to give him some cake, I came home and relaxed for awhile before I learned that my little cousins were coming over. Let me just say that I was tired, and in no mood to play babysitter, so I made plans with a friend to go to the mall, and to dinner. We ended up eating at C.B. Potts, where I ordered a mini quesadilla and side salad. I didn't get home till close to 10 p.m., and literally fell asleep about 10 minutes later. I was so tired.

Today I woke up early--like 8 a.m.--because I wanted to get a massage with the birthday girl, only by the time we got there, they were already at a 2 hour wait. That's what I get for being cheap and going to the massage clinic where I could get an hour massage for $12.50 a person. But we took it in stride, and went to Einstein's for breakfast and planned to get one next weekend, only this time we're going to get there right when it opens. 

After breakfast, I parked my lazy butt on the couch for a few hours and watched the ridiculous shows that are Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Leave it to Lamas, and Millionaire Matchmaker. I don't normally watch these shows, but they just seemed fitting of my mood to just space out and not think. I lost track of time, and before I knew it, it was time to help my mom make dinner. We made a pot pie with cauliflower, celery, carrots, chicken, and onion. It was good, and then I went to church, where a cute boy sat next to me. 
All in all, I'd say it was a great weekend. I actually got out of the house, laughed off all the calories I consumed, and spent quality time with the people that matter in my life. 

How was your weekend? I hope it was as fun as mine!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money, money, money

A former co-worker of mine (turned friend) got laid off oh, last summer. At the time she was about six months pregnant and seemed confident that she would find another job or start working for herself. Since she had the baby, I've seen her a few times--mainly going over to her house and drinking tea and eating cookies and catching up. Well, when her unemployment wasn't cutting it, she joined some health company, where basically the more people she gets to buy the product, the more money she makes. And I was supportive of that, since she has a family and all. The key word here is was.

Since then, she and I haven't hung out at all. Yet I constantly get Myspace invites, Facebook messages, and IMs from her asking me if I would like to "get free lunch and learn how XXX company can help me save money!" Um. No. Thanks. I don't have any desire to go to any of those things. At the beginning, I would just politely RSVP "no." Then she began with the Facebook chats, begging me to come. I told her I understand where she's coming from, but I have no interest in it. But here's the thing. All of these invites have not stopped. Like, seriously, NO means NO.

So the latest IM from her came on Monday. Only this time she admitted she knew I wouldn't go, but would "love it if you told your family and they came." And I told her, honestly, my family better things to do, and they definitely won't go. And then, THEN she started in on my current co-workers, asking what our office number was, and their extensions. I ended up giving them to her but not without telling her that no one would be interested, especially my co-worker that is disabled. And of course she took that opportunity to pitch more of the product she sells and that's exactly why said co-worker should come, and yadda yadda yadda.

I've told her outright that I'm not interested. But we used to be friends. Before she turned into this crazy marketing person. I'm not sure what to do. Do I just ditch her as a friend? Do I ignore her until she gets a real job again? Or do I confront her and flat out tell her how offensive it is that she keeps asking me and that I can't deal with her anymore?

Here's my other situation. One of my best friends in college, recently started selling Mary Kay. Since she and her hubby moved back to Texas, she's been staying at home watching their kid, while he's been substitute teaching and applying for Phd programs. She used to work full-time when they lived in New York, so I think part of her is bored being at home all the time. Plus, the extra income could help them afford trips (to see me) and other things.

She's not as bad as my old co-worker. She told me about it the last time we talked, and this week I received emails from her saying she was selling it now and stuff. But here's the thing. I don't buy Mary Kay products. Heck, the last time I bought makeup was probably circa 1990. Just kidding. It was probably more like 2 years ago, minus the regular upkeep of mascaras and nail polish. So, I understand why she's doing it, but I don't want to buy anything. I don't need it. But at the same time, I don't want her to take my lack of interest as not supportive of her. But I also don't want to feel pressured into buying anything either.

*sigh* When did friendships become complicated?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The adventures of taking public transportation...

Why I am so grumpy today??? I have no idea. But I do know that lately I've been forgetting things. Like important stuff. Take for example yesterday, when I left work 15 minutes early to catch the AB bus. Now, prior to leaving the office, I checked both the AB and the DD bus schedules, because they literally leave a minute apart. But I swear, from the schedule I looked at, the AB bus would get to my stop 3 minutes earlier, so of course I couldn't wait another 3 minutes and got that bus. Oh and I had ashes on my forehead from going to church and everyone gave me weird looks, but no one said anything. But that's neither here nor there.

So I'm on the bus, madly reading this new book about a hot hockey player who falls in love with a tv show personality who knits, and it's getting to the good part(s). So I may or may not have been paying attention. Anyways, I looked up, saw it wasn't my stop, (my stop was the next one) and continued speed reading. Then I looked up again and pulled the cord to stop. Only, as I did that, I saw the bus I was on, speeding past my stop. Yes, it really did happen. I slightly panicked, but then figured that I could just take the bus one stop in the other direction. Luckily the bus I needed came within 5 minutes. But I still felt so dumb, and pissed off and just like ugh. Because I swore to myself that it went to my stop. Well, when I finally got home, I looked at the schedule online and saw that it in fact, does not, nor ever did, go to my stop. So apparently I'm just an idiot.

Now, I take the bus all the time to and from work, and even around Boulder so I can get out of the office and go spend money on useless stuff at Target or something. So I know what I'm doing. I've taken countless buses on different routes. But again today, I apparently messed up again. I took the bus to my radio show, which I do on my lunch hour every Thursday. That was fine. It was after I was finished that I ran into a problem. Again, I swore that the bus came at like 12:35 or so. So I waited, and waited, and waited. And then I freaked out that I was going to be late going back to the office, and told myself how I could NOT ever take a long lunch and how it's not my fault the bus was late. I even called the bus schedule and the next times it gave me were starting at 1 p.m. "There's no way in hell I'm waiting till 1 to get the bus, forget that," I muttered to myself. Plus, I was super cold because it started to snow and of course I didn't know that because I never pay attention to the weather so I was cold. So, I determinedly started walking.

And then the bus I needed drove by me. Yea, I apparently have that kind of luck. But that just fueled my anger/annoyance, so I power walked all the way to the main road so I could catch a different bus. And then I remembered that I was so hungry and it was already like 1 o'clock and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. And then I decided that I wanted lunch. Specifically broccoli cheddar soup and an apple fuji salad from Panera. So I got off on the right stop, walked quickly to Panera, only to discover that there was a massive line. Seriously people, just eat later, is what I wanted to say. But apparently the line was caused by the registers having a problem or something. Idk, I just ordered it to go, said no to the receipt and stole some butter. When I finally got my lunch, I ran across the street to catch yet another bus to get me back to work, and of course it was just pulling away from the curb. But, this gentleman was nice and stopped for me.

I got on the bus and decided that I wanted food. Right now. So I took out my warm baguette and opened my stolen butter and slathered that baby in yummy goodness. And then I sat there and ate it. Luckily, I did make it back to the office without my boss noticing (at least I hope she didn't). Oh and also, I just checked the bus schedule, and I WAS RIGHT. He was late. Even if it was only by two minutes. SO THERE.

Anyone else have issues with public transportation?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel the love, do you?

Can't every weekend be three days long? I definitely made the most of my long weekend.

On Friday after work I just relaxed and hung out with my family. Then I slept in on Saturday. I love love love sleeping in. It's the best thing. After breakfast, I hung out with family and talked with friends. Then I went to the outdoor mall with my brother and got some exercise. Later that night I was invited to an anti-valentine's day party. I'm glad that I went because it was so much fun to a) get out of the house and b) to laugh and enjoy people's company. We had girl talk, a homemade dinner complete with lasagna, spinach salad and cheesecake for dessert, and we watched He's Just Not That Into You. It was definitely fun. Not to mention that a girl at the party offered to look over my cover letter. Turns out she's in communications too! So I'm excited about that potential networking opportunity!

On Sunday I slept in again and had really bizarre dreams. Then I talked with friends, hung out with family, and went to church. I even received a valentine from a college friend. I realized that while Valentine's Day might be a huge thing to some, to me, it was just a day to spend it with the people I actually like being around. I don't think I've ever had this perspective before, but I hope to keep it for many more v-days. Later that night, as a family, we watched the premiere of the Amazing Race and Undercover Boss. I had never seen Undercover Boss before but I'm not sure if I liked it enough to watch it again. This week's episode followed the CEO of Hooters. I couldn't believe he said that he'd let his girls work at Hooters someday. But I guess to each their own, right? After all that TV watching, I watched pair figure skating while I painted my nails. I really had this urge to paint them dark blue, but I didn't have any dark colors. Apparently I like pink. A lot.

I also was lucky enough to have yesterday off and I would say I definitely made the most of it. I slept till 11, grabbed Qdoba for lunch (I had a buy one, get one free coupon), and lounged around the house. I was originally supposed to have lunch with my cousin but a last minute death in the family caused us to reschedule. My 'lil brother and I played Twister in which I learned that I just can't bend the way that I used to. We took the dog for a walk, and then I made him a deal. I told him I would take him bowling if we walked there and back. I google mapped it, and it was only a mile each way. Plus, after being lazy all weekend, I really wanted to get in my steps. He obviously agreed, and we made it there alive.

Let me just tell you that we both suck at bowling. Like, I have no form whatsoever. I just try not get gutter balls. I think our first game we had a score of like 130 combined. I also thought it would be hilarious to put in secret joke names as our titles on the scoreboard when my brother wasn't looking. Yes, I am like 9. We have this insider joke that started one day when I was probably talking to the dog. But needless to say, now I always say to my brother, "Love your face!" whenever I'm leaving the house, and he thought it would be funny to say to me, "Love your butt!" Yeah, we're reallllly mature, can't you tell?

Anyways, the funniest part about bowling yesterday was our nicknames. Oh, and of course, this old guy helping us out. He saw my brother throwing the ball wrong, and was explaining to him how to do it correctly. Apparently he had gotten like 7 strikes that day. And yes, he was in a league. But at one point he looked at the screen and said, I couldn't call ya'll that! It was really funny and only mildly embarrassing. And my brother's technique (if you can call it that) improved. We only played two games, which took us an hour, but the manager did give us a bunch of buy one game, get one game free coupons. Guess we'll just have to go back.

On the way back home we laughed and chased each other and ate an apple. It was good times, and I got in a bunch of steps, like 10,000+. Yeah, it was awesome. I felt so accomplished. We ate dinner and then I had the urge to go buy blue nail polish at Ulta. I didn't really want to pay $8.50 for the OPI color I wanted, so I went with a $1 glittery polish by N.Y.C., and this dark blue insta-dry color by Sally Hansen. I'm excited to paint them dark for once. And I joked to my dad that this is my way of acting out--by not having my normal pink nails, but instead a very dark and moody color. He thought it was funny and called me goth.

All in all, it was a great weekend. How was yours?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Singin' in the Rain

Yesterday I went into work early via the bus of course and so of course I didn't really do anything to my hair let alone my clothes. It always happens on days like those that I get invited out to do something before I can change and make myself presentable. But it was worth it. I got an impromptu invite to go see Singin' In The Rain at the Boulder Dinner Theater with my cousin and my aunt and uncle. I have actually never been to a dinner theater at all but have heard some great things about them.

My view of the stage

The only thing I knew about the play was the actual chorus to the song, Singin' in the Rain. We arrived on time, were seated on the second level but had a great view of the stage. For dinner my cousin and I ordered the chicken cordon bleu that came with a tossed side salad, fresh bread, and veggies. It was decent, but not my favorite thing. My aunt and uncle ordered the beef pot pie, which was really like a beef stew topped with a puff pastry. For dessert we split the apple cake ala mode style, but by that time, I was so stuffed. The portions of food, especially the desserts, are HUGE.

One of the main characters in the play--she was hilarious! 

A scene from the first act

Apparently I wasn't supposed to take any photos, but I did anyways without the flash of course. It was funny because during the scene when the main character actually sings in the rain, the guests seated right by the stage get to wear complimentary rain jackets. I tried to get a picture of someone wearing one but it didn't come out well enough to post.

Singin' in the Rain

It was a great evening out, and I had a blast. I really should see plays more often. As for this weekend, I am going to hang out with some friends tomorrow night and play board games and be super cool like that. And then on Sunday, I am going to hopefully treat myself to a massage, relax, and go to church. Should be a great weekend, especially since I get Monday off!! Yea, I'm pretty excited.

What are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I remember...

This weekend was exactly what I needed. On Friday, I was in the worst mood ever, which I would like to blame on my hormones. I was upset because I had gotten to work early specifically so I could help my practically disabled coworker into the office, only she didn't show up until like 9 a.m. I had waited half an hour for her to call, and didn't even eat my instant oatmeal because I was waiting on her. And, by the time she did call, my coworker who normally helps her, was already here. I was so frustrated that I basically wasted my time by coming in early, and I was grouchy because I didn't eat. I was so angry the entire morning that I made myself go to church on my lunch hour so I could calm down because I was afraid my anger would ruin my soul. Church did help, and crying. Don't ask me why I cried. I don't even know, but it felt good. Thankfully by the time I went to bed that night, I wasn't angry anymore.

On Saturday I drove up to Lyons, where I went on a women's retreat with M and our friend Theresa. I don't go to the church who sponsors it--I just go to their annual retreat. This was my second year going. Last year all I did was cry because a lot of changes were going on in my life--my roomie and I weren't living together anymore and my dad had just left for China. Anyways, Saturday went by really fast. I read a book, went for a mini hike up the mountain with M and others to a chapel, played in the snow, watched a couple of men ice fish, and went hot tubbing. It was definitely a good night but at that point, I felt like the weekend was going by too fast, and the retreat was too short. We stayed up late talking and laughing.

Sunday morning came way too fast. I was so tired. But after breakfast, we all rested for almost an hour and that helped. We did a silent meditation and read some prayers. Then we did a drumming circle. Yes, like with actual drums from like Africa and stuff. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again. And, it's really cathartic. Like, if you have any stress at all, all that banging with your hands can take it out of you. I loved it. After those activities, I felt like my spiritual and emotional meter was full again. It was awesome. We left after lunch because I had to get back in time for a superbowl party. And of course as we're leaving, it started to snow, just like it did on the last retreat I went on. But it was pretty, and I made it safely down the mountain.

When I got home, I rushed to change out of my sweats and into jeans and looked up directions, and then hit the road again. As I was driving, I had flashbacks of a year ago. I definitely didn't have many readers back then, so let me give you a quick recap.

Last year I went to the same superbowl party, after crying all weekend at the retreat. Only, I had way too much to drink. I lost count of the cranberry vodkas I made myself because I was talking with a girl named Jessica, who later introduced me to a book club. I did eat, but I didn't drink nearly enough water, and by the time I had stopped drinking, everyone was leaving and the game was over. So, knowing I was buzzed, I left, because I didn't want to admit that I had drank too much. I figured since everyone else was leaving, I should too. So I put on my sober face and got in my car. I remember calling a friend of mine that lived in Jersey at the time, telling him I had drank too much and that I didn't know how to get home. (It was dark, and I was having trouble seeing my GPS). I remember him telling me I shouldn't drive, to go back into my friend's house.

But of course I didn't listen. I told him I would be fine and started my car. I drove out of her neighborhood, and was turning left, when I ran into the curb. I told myself to be more careful and thought nothing of it. (Later it turned out that I lost my hub cap) I squinted in the dark, driving, listening to my GPS tell me where to go. At one point, I was on a two-lane road that was very dark. I remember that all the cars behind me were going so fast and that I couldn't drive that fast. I think I was going like 30, because I was too paranoid that I'd get pulled over. Finally, I couldn't do it anymore. I had no idea where I was, because I was surrounded by trees. I called my brother who was in college at the time in Oklahoma, and told him that I drank too much and that I was lost and that I didn't know what to do and that he should definitely NOT tell mom. I cried. He told me to take deep breathes and said that I shouldn't drive and that he was calling mom. I was so mad. I didn't want to be in trouble.

While I waited for my mom to call, I decided to keep driving. Finally I made it into civilization. The first store I saw was a Walgreens. I made it safely into the parking lot and told my mom I was there. While I waited for her to pick me up, I went inside because I had to pee like no other. I remember asking the girl at the cash register where the bathrooms were and her asking me if I was okay. Turns out my entire face was all red from drinking and my mascara had smeared in the midst of my crying jag earlier. After doing my business, I went to my car. My mom showed up and told me to get into the car. She was angry but I thought it was funny, so I laughed. Then I got in the car. (Apparently she then went into the store and told the lady at the register that I was drunk and asked if it would be okay to leave my car there overnight, but I have no recollection of that happening) My little brother asked me if I was drunk and of course I said no. But he didn't believe me. Oh, and my mom told me I reeked of alcohol. Nice one, Wonderful.

We made it home safely, I changed out of my jeans, drank some water, and then threw up in the middle of the night. I was so hungover the next day, it wasn't even funny. But my mom never gave me the lecture I thought she would. She simply told me that she loved me and was glad that I didn't drive. I definitely learned my lesson.

So, this year driving on the same road as last year, I could actually tell where I was for one. For another, I realized how far I have come in a year. This year I talked the whole time to Jessica and other people at the party, and I ate my weight in cupcakes, but I only had one beer. I drove home sober. I didn't get lost. I am proud of myself.

All I can say is, what a difference a year makes.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Need or Want?

Something I want:

I want this because the humidifier we have at home is seriously circa 1970, and sounds like a lawn mower when I turn it on. Plus, it's an ugly white and brown color. Clearly, this humidifier is perfect for me because not only to I love Hello Kitty, but it also has a built in night light! Yes, I'm 6. But I actually am not afraid of the dark, so that's really not important. The most important thing and cutest thing ever about this, besides it having like three different settings, is that the steam comes out of her ears!!! How freakin' cute is that??? I want it. Like now.

Something I bought:

I had my eye on this when I was at Target like a month ago. And it was only like $10, but I didn't want to be an impulse buyer, so I didn't get it. And then I kept thinking about it, and wanting it, because the water bottles we have at home suck. And I have a small mouth (TWSS) and I didn't want water going all over place like they do with Naglene's so that's why this was perfect. And it was perfect because it has a hydration meter, so everytime I refill, I just move it to the next number, which is awesome, because now I don't have to keep track of how many ounces of water I've drank today. And it's awesome because it's pink. Clearly. So, I finally got this beauty last week when I walked all over Target during my lunch hour, and I've been using it everyday. It's like the best. Seriously.

What's something you want or have bought recently?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Workin' on my fitness

As a lucky full-time employed person, my company has offered us a new health incentive this year. Basically, if you enroll in all four components of the program, you save money on your health insurance. And by money, I mean, I break even. But I'll take it anyways.

I had to talk with a health counselor first. Now I have to report my weight once a week, and I'm assigned to a team. Each time I lose weight, I get points. Every time I gain, I lose said points. Easy enough. And then the last part of the program is where you can choose from a list of programs. I chose to do the "steps" program, where my ultimate goal is to walk 70,000 steps a week. Obviously I don't get penalized if I don't achieve that number. The point is to just make yourself aware of your exercise habits and health. They sent me a pedometer, which I really like. So far, I've only forgotten to wear it two times. Which isn't bad when you think about it.

My fancy schmancy pedometer

The first week I did this, I was super competitive. This also was around the time of my first 5k, and definitely before I was sick. The highest I've gotten has been close to 60,000 steps, which I guess is good. I've found if I do my normal walking to and from work/car/bus station, I get around 2,000 steps. Which isn't much at all. Today I walked up to Qdoba on my lunch hour and burned some calories and definitely gained some steps.

I've made an appointment to go to the doctor's tomorrow. I really didn't want to, but maybe they'll give me some super drugs that will make me feel normal again. I keep thinking I am, but then I go for walks like today, and find myself so, so, tired. Not winded, just the kind of tired that sinks into your bones. Here's to hoping it'll all be alright.