Friday, October 24, 2008

Dream another Dream

Surprise, surprise...I've had more interesting dreams lately.

This week alone, I've dreamt of Peter Pan, getting married, and losing a team challenge with my highschool boyfriend. Weird.

My Peter Pan dream was the coolest. I was at a house by CU and it was this like quasi mansion. The floors were marble, it had a winding get the idea. Well, I was in the backyard of the house. I had snuck through the metal gate and climbed up the tree. I was looking for a secret button to make the trees leaves grow. But while I was on the first branch, an old, bald, and fat guy came near me and kept shouting at me to get down. In the midst of not wanting to be seen, I climbed up and up and up the tree until I was pretty much near the top. It was then that I realized I was wearing a very cute skirt--it was white but had loosely drawn on green leaves. I liked it. For some reason the old guy kept yelling, and somehow I figured out how to make the tree grow leaves. All I had to do was hold the branch with both hands and a flower would bloom. It was neat. It was then that I noticed a secret button on the tree's trunk. I pressed it and the entire tree started growing leaves. I felt proud.

Then somehow I climbed down the tree to find this little boy, and he was Peter Pan. And because I had made the tree grow, he could fly again. So I grabbed onto him and we flew! We were flying by the tree when I noticed another button on the tree, and this button made the tree's leaves change from being spiky to smooth and rounded leaves. Unfortunately, because of the old man's yelling, he caused the next door neighbors to come out and watch us flying. They were trying to video tape us and put it on Youtube. I knew this because as soon as they started to record, a screen appeared in the sky asking if it was ok to post to Youtube. It was then that I made Peter Pan fly to the balcony of the house, where his parents and other adults were eating appetizers and drinking. Peter Pan and I arrived, and his parents were very nonchalant about his flying. Like they knew he could do that. And that's how it ended.

My other dream involved me getting married! Ack! Apparently I went to the church, my family was there and so were the guests. I wore a lacy gown, but it wasn't anything spectacular. I remember my mom was crying because she was so happy that I was getting married. And I remember when they played the wedding music for me, and I walked down the aisle, I freaked out on the inside because I realized that I'd be with this guy forever, and that I didn't love him! Of course I didn't tell a soul this terrible thought. Instead I went up to the priest, and he made my brothers come up to the altar. They started telling everyone jokes about me and I laughed because it was funny. And then I remember the reception was also in the same space as teh ceremony, and during this time, people started going up to the buffet and eating! And I was upset because I wanted to be the main spotlight, I didn't want people eating before me. From what I gathered when I woke up, I never did tie the knot. Thank God!

I wonder what I'll dream of next...

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