Monday, October 13, 2008

Mi Familia

This is a picture from Ben's birthday party on October 5. He just turned one! Seriously, I remember when he was born--time really goes by too fast, but he's so adorable. Even though I'm technically his cousin, I'm referred to as an aunt; the same goes for my cousin Sean, he's his "uncle." He's just too adorable. His first word was mama, but he says dada now. He doesn't quite walk yet, but he stands up all the time.

His birthday party reminded me of how grateful I am for my family, both extended and immediate. I have to admit that while I was away in college, I missed them, but that was about it. I used to complain about my mom calling me early in the morning and waking me up, or complain when I was home because I wanted to be out with friends. I didn't want to be home. I don't think I quite understood how great it is to have family.

Maybe it's growing up and being in the real world and out on my own that has made me appreciate them more. Even little stuff that they do is great. For example, when I moved into my first apartment in April of '07, I had my uncle, aunt, and family help me move in. My aunt cleaned my dishes again and set up my kitchen. My uncle bought me a new mirror for my dresser and helped my Dad move in all of the furniture--furniture which my mom gave me. Very nice coffee tables, old recliners from my grandparents, and extra pots and pans. My other aunt found me a dining set in mint condition. The lady was going to donate it to goodwill, and wouldn't accept any money for it. And my aunt even drove it up to my place and everything. Whenever I'd go home, or if my mom went to Costco, she'd always offer to give me groceries. And my uncle taught me how to change my brakes on my car and how to check my oil. Even now it's great to be invited to his house for parties or just to hang out and drink a beer or some wine.

It's just the little things that matter. Now I like coming home and eating a home cooked meal with the fam and seeing our dog Hailey. I like hanging out with my lil brother who is in third grade and watching gossip girl with my mom. Of course I still get annoyed sometimes, especially when they assume I have no plans and expect me to housesit...but the bottom line is that I appreciate them. I think my life would be a lot harder without them. Family is something that lasts forever.

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