Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend recap

Friday night I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist--I thought it was super cute and totally worth it being free courtesy of another promo code for Redbox. After that, I fell asleep. It's been a long two weeks. Anyone else with me? Suffice it to say, when I woke up on Saturday morning with 12 hours of sleep under my belt, I felt damn good. That is until I told my mom. "Are you depressed?" Was her reaction to my glorious hours of sleep. Of course not. *rolls eyes*

After getting up on Saturday, I lazily sat on the couch and watched the Nights of Rodanthe, another freebie courtesy of Redbox. Seriously, halfway through I was in love with this movie. I even wanted to see it again that day. Until the end when I was sobbing on the couch alone with my snowman fleece blanket. No one told me this was a sad movie!! I should've known when I saw based off a book by Nicholas Sparks because he never ever writes anything happy. There's always something sad going on. *shakes head* Anyways, I finished the movie, wiped my tears away and then forced myself to get out of the apartment. I got a massage. It was glorious for the most part. The downside was that the therapist kept wanting to "go deeper" and apply more pressure. All I wanted was a relaxation massage--not a torture session. But I'm glad I went. It was worth the $25 I paid. And I'd go again of course.

After that I went to Smashburger and ate dinner, and then came home to find M and her bf dressed up. I was so out of it. It was probably only like 6pm and I was ready for sleep again. In my defense though, it really has been a long couple of weeks filled with less sleep and I think I might be getting a cold, so you really can't blame me for wanting sleep. I was about to take a nap aka sleep for the night at the ridiculous hour of like 7:30pm, when I received a cute text from Bobby. "Is it too late to take you out on Valentines Day?" It was unexpected, as him and I don't really communicate on a regular basis. For some strange reason, I replied "No." I then proceeded to get all clean and glammed up and met him at the Falling Rock Taphouse for drinks and food. It was good conversation.

I was nervous. I'll admit that. I was nervous for several reasons: 1) I haven't been on a bonafide date since Jeffrey aka July '08. (I don't count NYE as a date, because it was a concert) 2) Bobby's older. (Yes I seem to attract older ones, but I'll admit their age mildly intimiates me sometimes) 3) see reasons 1 & 2.

Bobby's a homebrewer, so I knew that I threw him a bone by offering to meet him at a taphouse. I did let him choose my beers for me, and I enjoyed his suggestions. We split bar food and talked about a variety of topics, all of which were PG, which is how I like it, especially on a first date with an older man. Bobby was much more of a gentleman than I would've thought--but it could also be too early to tell. He did walk me to my car in freezing weather and didn't force a kiss. And, he even cared enough to know if I got home safely and said thanks for meeting him. So he's on my good side at the moment. We've made plans to see each other again on Sunday; he's taking me to the art museum. Which I haven't been too. But we both enjoy art-even if he likes the scary, abstract kinds. So I think we'll have stuff to talk about. At least he wants to see me again. Not too shabby. I enjoyed his company, so I'm optimistic of more hanging out time. I don't see anything long term developing, but I'm not sure I'm looking for that. I'm not looking for just random hook ups either. I'm just ready to see what's out there and date. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Right.

On Sunday I slept in, went to the store, cooked for once, and then went to the Rage game with Jessica, her 3 year old kid, her friend Brett, and her mom & friends. This was the first Rage game I went to, and I really enjoyed it. I also got a free ticket, and saw my uncle and aunt and baby Ben. Oh, and my aunt learned from the other hockey player's girlfriends that the goalie is totally hot and single (her words, not mine). So I told her to introduce me--what do I have to lose? I will admit that later when I got home, I did look up his name on the website's roster to see his picture. And he's definitely delicious--er, handsome. Yea, handsome. So we'll see.

After the game, I went home and had steak and lobster with my mom, and then watched Amazing Race. It was amazing. I thought the cheese part was hilarious. Seriously! I love this show and can't wait to see next weeks.

The weekend doesn't end there folks, I had yesterday off too. Yeahhhh, I was so excited, I reminded M of it at least fifty times throughout the weekend. I didn't get MLK day off like everyone else in America did (or seemed to) so I was happy to finally get my day off. I slept in (are you surprised?) and then met by best friend in the entire world Beth, for lunch and a movie. We ate at Mimi's, and I tried the Greek Chicken bowl. It was okay, but I think overpriced. Next time I'll stick to my old standby--cobb salad without egg with ranch on the side. After lunch and catching up--I haven't seen her since December (sad!)--we went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. I thought it was cute, but I think I liked He's Just Not That Into You better. And apparently the movie isn't really close to the book at all. I wouldn't know, but that was Beth's take on it. After that we walked around Target. I was just in the best mood ever because I finally got to see her, it was my day off, and I could do whatever I wanted to.

After she left, I went shopping at Kohl's and bought a dress for Easter. And it's super cute, but today I think I don't like it that much so I'm gonna take it back and save myself $40. After shopping, it was already 5 by the time I got home and made dinner and caught up with M. Then we went to Michaels (more about this in the next post) and watched the Bachelor. I can't believe he ditched Jillian!! She was my favorite--I really saw them fitting together. I really don't like either of the ones that are left but you know I'll still watch. Anyways, it was a great three-day weekend. And today certainly felt like a Monday, even though it's a Tuesday. Here's to another long week...

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