Friday, February 20, 2009

The Traveling Masterpiece

As promised, albeit a day or so late, I am posting about the traveling nablowrimo masterpiece, started by Manisha. The masterpiece has made its way through all the bloggers (Kitt, Jen, Groovygirl, etc.) in Colorado and now is in the hands of Jugalbandi in Ohio. The point of the masterpiece is to add your own unique "thing" to the canvas.

After hearing me whine and procrastinate, M convinced me to go with her to Michael's where I purchased a set of arylic paints. When I returned home and looked at the canvas, I knew I wanted to paint something with the sun. Among my other brainy ideas were a castle and Hello Kitty. I am not an artist at all, so I stuck to something easy--a sunset. Yeah, really sophisicated, I know. I did mix two colors of paint to make the ocean, so that's gotta count for something. And it did flow nicely with the palm tree.


Pretty paints

My creation

Final shot


Manisha said...

It counts for a helluva lot more!! I love it! The sunset is great and gosh! You are an artist!! Yay, you! I am so glad you played!

Wonderful said...

Thank you! It was a great idea and lots of fun!