Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm somewhat refreshed

After getting 9 hours of sleep last night, I feel much better. Not nearly as exhausted, and no need for a nap today. I can't wait till Monday, because we get it off. It'll be a glorious to have a 3-day weekend.

I meet a potential roommate tonight--wish me luck.

The Amish Friendship bread is coming along. I came into work today to find it puffed up with air, but I guess that's normal. I'm on day two, so all I had to do was "mush the bag." Easy enough.

It was hella windy outside today yet I still managed to go to Sunflower on my lunch hour. I had a hankering for Boars Head Mozzarella, mixed nuts, fresh basil, and some leafy stuff--spinach & romaine lettuce. It certainly was a productive trip.

Tonight I'm hoping to get 10 hrs of sleep--we'll see.

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