Friday, February 27, 2009


Yay it's Friday!!!!!! I am still trying to wake up right now but if I could, I would jump up and down in celebration. Tonight M and I are going to happy hour--we haven't done this since like last year. Seriously. And then we're gonna go check out this condo in Boulder.

Speaking of moving options, I saw the house with 2 roommates and met them on Wednesday night. It went well, but I don't like that they are for sure not renewing their lease come August. So that means if I move, I'll have to move again in another 4 months. Which is really just a bummer because I have alot of crap. Tonight's possibility looks like more of a long term option, but I have to see if I get along with the girl and if my room is big enough. Decisions, decisions.

I can definitely say that I must have been on crack or something when I said last month that I could totally move home and have it work out. Based off the past few experiences with my brother and my mom, I don't think this will work out at all. In fact, I dread the thought of moving home. It makes me want to cry. But like my spiritual advisor said, I need to pray about it, and that's definitely something I haven't been doing lately. So perhaps it's a good thing that it's Lent, because I plan to give up watching tv two days a week and do pray time every other day.

Other weekend plans include visiting my old lady friend, actually making it to church this week, going to a vegetarian potluck with M and others, and seeing Bobby again. Should be good times.

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