Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stupid Things I do

I needed gas this morning so instead of going to the first gas station I saw, which had gas for $1.79, I chose to go to the one across the street, figuring that they were all the same price since they were literally across the street from each other. NOT. I had to get a full tank of gas--which was $1.89. Figures, my stupidity.

Secondly, I had to get air to put in my tire. It was .75 cents, right? Well, I put in .75 cents to have the air not automatically turn on, so I put in another quarter thinking that would help. Right after I put in my last quarter, I noticed there was a button that read AIR. Ugh, I'm so stupid sometimes.

Update: Just heard from my mom that my Dad had to talk in front of 200-400 top execs in China and he was the only one not wearing a suit because he didn't bring one. Guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree folks.

Update #2: I fwded myself an email from my personal email to my work account to get this reply:

In honor of Presidents Day, I am out of the office. I will return on Tuesday, February 17.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I've had my out of office reply up until 2 minutes ago. This day just keeps gettin better.


Anonymous said...

Oh, give yourself a break!


Wonderful said...