Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need sanity

It's been a rough week. Allow me to elaborate.

Tuesday: Come into work to find out that my files have been lost (our server went down last week) and that they will be recovered. Just don't know when. Oh, and I can't print, so I can't ship any of the packages I have ready.

Wednesday: Wake up at 6:15 a.m. to go to the parents house to get my 8-year-old brother ready for school while my mom goes to work early. Feed the dog, allow brother to make himself breakfast--a hot pocket. He doesn't use the crisper sleeve, puts it in for 2 minutes, only to have it explode and ooze ham and cheese everywhere. He's upset. Asks me to make him one. I make him another one--the last one in the freezer btw--and he lets it sit for 2 minutes, takes one bite and then drops it on the kitchen floor where the dog is patiently waiting. Dog snatches and inhales hot pocket in no time. Offer brother yogurt or fruit for breakfast. Asks for McDonalds. I say no, and hustle us out of the house. Drive him to school only to hear him complain about how hungry he is the entire way. Get him to school by 7:55 (school starts at 8, I have to be to work by 8:30). After that, proceed to do stupid things.

Rush into work by 8:30 to find an e-mail from my boss demanding all my columns by the end of the day. Work my ass off and finish one of two columns by noon. Walk and get lunch, come back and find an e-mail from the IT dept saying our phones are down. Apparently neither company paid the phone bill. We can't dial out or receive any incoming calls. So much for interviewing artists. Have weekly staff meeting at 2, which lasts 2 hours. Go over the May issue and assign artists, only to realize we can't call any of the artists since the phones are down. Suggest using personal cell phones. I call the gallery for my one artist, end up getting a disconnected number. Try googling. Contact another gallery that no longer carries his work and their webmaster died two weeks ago so they can't fix the link online. Try another gallery to have the guy who answered act very sketch and offer to call me back, which he never did. End up calling first gallery and getting two more #'s. One of which is to a girl named Nicole. Clearly wrong. But the last number did work. THANK THE LORD. Stay late and finish column.

Drop off car to get fixed. Go home and read for a bit until my mom and brother yell. My mom stomps up to my room to say that I am a "distraction" and that I need to help him with his homework, none of which I volunteered for. Come downstairs to find brother crying and hating my mom. Help him with homework. Fall asleep with dog on one side of me and brother one the other.

Today: Wake up this morning to get ready, was planning on using Dad's truck to take brother to aunt's house, since I have to be to work early aka 8am for a webinar. Getting ready when mom comes back into the house to say that her car is dead; won't even start. FML. End up taking truck but had to get gas since it was on E. Convenient. Take brother to aunt's house, then drive to the car place to get my car, which wasn't even looked at. 7:40. Rush to work, only to have crazy traffic. Cry because I hate being late and I'm going to be late. Wish I had sanity. Call Floozy (oddly enough she's the only one of my coworkers who answered her cell) and tell her I'm gonna be late. Rush into work at 8:15 only to find out that we couldn't even do the webinar because we have to dial in and we can't dial in because OUR PHONES DON'T WORK. Rushed for nothing. And this day isn't even over yet. FML.

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