Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm still exhausted, just from lack of sleep. I did manage to take a little nap at my new favorite super secret napping spot. Book club last night was good-no one really read the book, so they just filled me in on the previous book they read and we chose a new one for this month, called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. We met a Caribou Coffee, and I tried their hot chocolate and a french toast muffin--which was definitely really sweet. I ate the rest of it for breakfast this morning.

L suggested another book to read called Love and Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas. It's about "a woman whose husband has an emotional affair with another woman." Sounds juicy and dramatic. I'll suggest it next month. And if ya'll have any book suggestions, lemme know.
It's snowing right now. Can't say I'm thrilled but can't say I'm surprised. Blah.

A coworker gave me some Amish Friendship bread batter. It looks pretty gross in the baggie right now, but seems pretty easy to make. She made hers with chocolate and it was yummy.

I'm meeting with potential roommate from Craigslist tomorrow--gonna see the condo/townhouse and hopefully have a sense of direction after meeting her. We'll see.

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