Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Consignment shops

To save money so I can afford to live on my own, I'm considering consigning a few items this week to a local store, called Feather Thy Nest. Even though I've worked in Boulder for more than two years, I just discovered this cute place in October, while I was walking down the street. I spotted some Halloween glasses, which were prefect at the time for Halloween. I thought that they were each $2.00 so I opted to just get two of them, but when the cashier rang them up, she said "oh, these are a set of four." And I said, "I only want those two." To which she replied "It's $2 for the entire set." It was a great find. Last month I posted a couple of items on Craigslist to no avail, so I figure why not try consignment? I've got nothin to lose at this point.

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