Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday: Went to happy hour at the Rio and enjoyed in a wonderful margarita and veggie quesadilla. Caught up with M. Went to see a condo. The room was small but the lady and the location were nice. And I randomly met her Aussie bf. It was a productive trip.

Saturday: Slept in, wasted the morning doing nothing really, and then went to a potluck with M and her bf and saw girls from the retreat I hadn't seen in awhile. It was nice and fun, lots of good company, new people to meet, and games. And I loved their house but turns out I was in Five Points and I didn't even know it. After the potluck, I felt bummed about moving so I went to the mall. I know, probably not the best idea, but whatevs. I did save $10, and came away with a new sweater, a new pair of Levi's, and some other article of clothing that I can't remember at the moment. Went home, and partook in beef stroganoff courtesy of the roommate and the bf. Enjoyed lively conversation which included drunk stories. Very entertaining. Then finally headed to bed.

Sunday: Woke up early, went to church early (yes I did make it to church this weekend) and then watched Amazing Race and Brothers and Sisters and even cleaned my room (a lil bit) and then enjoyed brie and crackers with M and the bf. And pretty much just ate dinner, talked more with M, and watched the newest episode of Amazing Race. That's about it.

I did not see Bobby this weekend due to his change in availability. I really didn't feel like seeing him last night after 5, so we've made plans to go to First Friday (the art kind) on Friday (duh) with a possible lunch date this week (tba).

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