Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Beginnings

Our office is seriously in a state of disrray right now. I actually was given the day off today because none of our computers or phones are set up yet, so that doesn't leave much to do besides unpacking boxes, which I couldn't do because the server is in my office and the IT guy was sitting in my chair alll day yesterday.

All I did yesterday was stack boxes of back issues in bookshelves, dust, and scrape off tape from my desk drawers. And don't get me started about the amount of grim on my desk drawer handles. Let's just say it took an average of 5 paper towels for each handle to get clean. The desks are L shaped, and the drawers can move, so that is a plus. That means I can rearrange whenever I get bored. The desks themselves are definitely old. Like circa 1970s is my guess. But, at least I have a job.

Our publisher was so sweet yesterday and bought each of us a little vase with red carnations in them to brighten up our work space. And she treated us to lunch. I definitely like how close I am to the bus stop, and I like that our new space has character. The bathrooms on our side are unique--one is all like stainless steel and the other one is fully tiled with fancy lighting and handsoap. The other company hasn't moved in yet, but they are supposed to on Thursday, so that should be interesting to finally meet our neighbors.

At least I might have the internet tomorrow, so that I can update more often.

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