Sunday, March 15, 2009


Moving is hard work. Now I know why I didn't move for two years. Today I finally started taping together boxes and packing things. And lemme tell ya, it's hard work. Not only is it hard, but it's like energy draining and emotional all at the same time. I did however manage to pack two bookshelves, and my entire set of dvds/vhs, along with a half-filled boxes of what my aunt would call "knickknacks." So I suppose that it's a start.

I am leaning towards reserving one of those P.O.D.S. because then I won't have to make multiple trips to a storage place--they will come drop it off and pick it up. I'm just worried about getting the right size. I didn't realize how much furniture my mom had given me--I have two recliners, two end tables, not to mention a dining room table set with chairs, two stools and a island type thingy, plus a couch. Oy.

I was planning on bringing my dresser home, but of course my mom has to put the kibosh on that. She's now decided that I won't be allowed to bring my dresser home, and that instead I get to use her 10+ year old armoire that only has two drawers and currently has a tv in it. "It's really meant for storage, not a tv, so I'll put that in your room." Great Mom, just great.

The one perk to them jetting off for Spring Break Training in Arizona is that I get to housesit. Yes, I always hate housesitting because I have to watch the dog, and get up early, but this time might actually be beneficial because....I'm planning on moving stuff into my room while they are gone. I've already decided to put my bike in the garage and stuff a few boxes of needed stuff into the closet. mwahahaha.

In other news, my dad comes home in t-minus 6 days!


bakar said...

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Ian said...

Isn't 23 the new 13? Or was that 30 is the new 20? Hmmm...if you're 75 that means you're much wiser than a 23 year old.

We didn't use PODS, but have you checked out Door to Door moving pods? Very cool folks and easy company to work with and a lot cheaper than PODS. Might be worth checking out.

Wonderful said...

Bakar- Thanks for the link.

Ian- Thanks so much for the info, I just got a free quote and it looks like it'd be $100 cheaper than P.O.D.S.