Monday, March 16, 2009

So not ready...

I was talking with a good friend yesterday who told me that she is going to be attending 5 weddings this year. FIVE! That's crazy. "There must be something in the water," I told her. I don't get it...I am so not ready for marriage. My best friend L got engaged like two weeks ago. Her engagement ring is her birthstone, not a diamond. I'd want the cliche diamond ring BUT I don't want to get married until I'm 30 just to defy societal norms. I know, I'm full of contradictions.

Even my lil brother wondered why I wasn't married. This morning as I was taking my brother to school, he said the most outrageous thing.

"Why aren't you married?"
"I am too young."
"No you're not, you're 24."
"Maybe in 6 years when I'm 30."
"No, 2 years."
"8 years."
"Then why don't you get a boyfriend?"

I have a feeling he's been overhearing my mom talking about me to someone, because that totally sounds like a question my mom would say. *sigh* Aren't 'lil kids funny sometimes?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I guess its up to you to teach him he too can defy societal norms someday!


Emily said...

haha and how old is this little inquisitive brother of yours?? sure sounds like he over heard something from someone. lol

oh well...i say take your time and do what makes you happy...regardless of what people say or expect from you. it's your life after all.


Wonderful said...

M- You betcha, I'm gonna do just that.

Emily- He's 8, almost 9, and definitely speaks his mind. My younger brother has a serious gf so maybe that's why he cares. Who knows! I do agree with you though--I have to do what makes me happy. :)