Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week

Man this week flew by. Here's a quick recap:

-Tuesday: Was a lazy girl, talked with M for over an hour at Wendy's about our life & future, our hopes and dreams...yadda yadda yadda. Didn't really get much packing done.

-Wednesday: Went out with Bobby. Originally we were set to go to Il Vicino, but then we decided that you can't beat pizza from Wazee's. What's funny, in a deja vu matter of sorts, is that a) the last time I was there was with S, and b) we seriously sat in the same exact spot as I did with S. seriously. Dinner was good, both the conversation and the food. I talked alot more and we ran the gammet with topics of conversation varying from work, to drinking, to religion. Afterwards, we walked around downtown, and went to the Tattered Cover where I got to show him the current issue of my magazine and which sections I wrote. I even saw a 'cuse alum in the store and randomly struck with a conversation. After the bookstore, we went to the the highlands bridge and saw a public piece of art and talked some more under the stars. Shortly after, I went home, but it was a great time. And good to see him during the week. I look forward to his birthday on Monday, but more about that later.

-Thursday: Took my brother to school, worked hard all day aka took a two hour lunch, came home and went with M to pick up moving boxes. I had posted on craigslist earlier this week asking for bigger moving boxes, and I got a great response. And I tend to like options, and so I overestimated the boxes I might need. But M put up with me. We grabbed boxes from a lady in Superior, and then headed to Lafayette to grab newer ones and padding, where we met this nice lady named Janis. She was so so sweet, had a southern twang, and recently moved back from Sweden, where her husband is still working. Both M and I were curious about her life story, so I suggested we get tea next weekend. She was such a sweet lady, I could totally see her being a good mentor. Then M and I packed until past midnight, and we're still not done. We have the kitchen and I have the closet and bathroom to go. It's amazing how much crap you have, and how much you really need to live on.

More packing awaits me. Oh joy. *twirls finger in the air

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