Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's a no go

So the trip to Binghamton is not going to happen. At least not with me. At the end of January, L and I had emailed Gwen and she didn't email us back until seriously last week. Apparently she has more time to get her visa so she's not leaving until late summer.

Here's what she said:

Okay! I've been waiting to reply to review more schedules and figure out my weekends off. So far I have off:

Feb 27-March 1st
March 13-15
March 27-29

In general, I have every other weekend off, so continuing this pattern I would have off:

April 10-12 (this is a holiday weekend, I may go to Philly)
April 24-26 (Alex's birthday weekend, I may need to spend Saturday with him)
May 8-10
May 22-24 (MY birthday weekend)

I'm not quite sure when the visa will be approved, so I won't name any dates after that. Any thoughts?

Please keep in mind that I work the night shift...attempting to switch to a day schedule for a weekend is going to be rough, so give me enough warning so I can prepare :P.

WTF? Basically every weekend is taken up except the one in May, of which I can't do because I'm going here. And she never mentioned anything about "hey guys so happy about this, or "I can't wait to see you!" It's like seriously, I am not gonna waste my time working around your schedule when I have to take the time off of work, plan the airfare, pay for the trip--all for her to be like, hmmm that won't work? No way. I am so upset about it and L is too so we're just gonna wait a month to reply and then say we can't make it. Although in recent days Gwen did write on L's facebook wall and asked her when she was coming, but of course I don't get any mention. Which is fine with me. I mean they at least live in the same state, so L can just take a Greyhound bus up there. I, on the other hand, have much more planning and expense. What's funny is that Gwen got back to L right away when L replied saying that the weekend of May 8-10 worked best for her. Go figure.

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