Thursday, March 5, 2009

I like to move it, move it

We're moving! I packed up my entire office today and it felt so right. I don't know, some people are sad but I'm in such a hyper mood--I am like yay! And everything is done and all I have to do tomorrow is clean off my desk--it's dusty. But it wasn't bad, I hated taping the boxes together but I felt organized, and I'm ready for the new space. I might not enjoy it as much as this one, that is for sure, but oh well. I found out I'm sharing an office with my coworker Shannon, who is actually one of the nicest people in our office. And apparently our computer server is going to be housed in our office, which is not so good, but oh well. There's not alot of space, but I think it'll work. We'll make it work. That's for sure!

All this packing has made me more excited to pack up my apartment. I know it's going be 10x more difficult because I have alot of crap, but I've never ever packed on time. Even in college, I threw stuff into boxes at the last minute. So if I pack ahead of time, I could actually be organized! And even label the boxes! What a concept! Hopefully I can start gathering some boxes this weekend and start with one room at a time--I was thinking I'd start first with my closet/bedroom. And then progress to the living room with my dvds and cds. And then last will be the kitchen. Does anyone have any other packing tips or moving advice?

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