Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

I really don't even have to divide up the days this past weekend, because I seriously didn't do too much. Friday night, while I was tempted to go to bed at 8pm, I made it till 10pm, thanks to my book, The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom.

On Saturday, I literally spent hours working on my car with my uncle. You see, I did something stupid. I figured that I needed my rear brakes replaced, because winter is coming and I hate driving in the snow. So, I spent the $17 to get rear brake shoes (see, i'm so smart about my car, I even know the right words for the parts!) and took them apart, to figure out that they really didn't need to be replaced, BUT me being me, said to my uncle, "Well, I just want to make sure everything is done, I don't wanna call you up in the middle of the snow and beg you to fix something," to which he replied, "Yeah, we already have these...I've never done it before, but we might as well." Um, famous last words kids.

We were there until 11:25pm in the freakin dark freezing our asses off trying to fix the brakes. It took three men, a 12 pack of Coors Light, an adjustable light, and a portable heater to fix the gosh darn things. Then, I took it for a spin, you know, after we "fixed" find out that it's not fixed. How did I know that? Oh, you know that thing, that you use when you park your car on a hill...what's that called?....ohhh, a PARKING BRAKE. Well, that DIDN'T WORK. Nope, that's a BAD sign. So I risked my life and my brothers and drove slowly home on Saturday. Then I went to bed, but didn't sleep well due to the beer and my room was freaking freezing. Like, I wore a robe, my fuzzy socks, my pjs, a hoodie, a blanket, and a comforter, and finally put on some gloves, and then I could sleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night because I was too hot. Men: it really is true, women are never satisfied.

Sunday I woke up to breakfast, watched The Proposal, complained about how my car was messed up, drove over to my uncle's, watched my cousin while he worked on my car, and spent most of the day there. I am proud to say that I know how to fix my rear brakes now, and they do work. But, now whenever I drive, I feel like my tire is all wobbly. FML.

I'm totally going to Brakes Plus this week to get a professional to look at it. And I'm going to buy some new tires on the black market. Oh, and did I mention that after all of that lovely car stuff, I came home, got in a fight with my mom (see tomorrow's post) and then stormed out of the house and went to church so I wouldn't kill her. And then I came home to find out that my mom had volunteered me (without asking of course) to drive my brother back up to school, which is about an hour each way. At like 9 o'clock at night. LOVELY. When I finally got home at like 11, I was just about to fall asleep when I got a freakin' drunk dial from Special Agent. Luckily I only listened to him for 6 minutes and 5 seconds before I feigned sleep and hung up on him. The highlight of my night though was getting to snuggle with my doggie:

Whew, I feel better already, thanks for listening to me vent. How was your weekend?


Just A Girl said...

Oh hell no. I would NOT be driving to FoCo at 9pm. Nooope.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Nothing as terrible as yours, football aside.

I think my backside has finally warmed up from mowing yesterday, though.

Wonderful said...

Just A Girl- Yeah, it was so much fun. NOT.

Mjenks- Glad to hear your butt isn't cold anymore.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

at least there was beer involved :)