Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Head for the Hills

I am so drained right now. Like I can't even find the motivation to work, which is a legit excuse when EVERYONE except me and two other people are here in the office today. Not fair at all.

I am excited for Thanksgiving though, because every year my family ditches the rest of my family and heads for the hills mountains. We rent the same condo. We walk downtown. We watch people ski or snowboard. We hide our dog in the condo, because we're not supposed to have any pets. I read lots of books and sleep in. And go shopping on Black Friday because the biggest store in town is the Staples. Yeah, it's gonna be great to get away.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


ScrambledJill said...

Enjoy your getaway! It sounds like you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you.

Wonderful said...

Jill- Thanks! I will! Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and maybe you got to get some emotional rest. I think we all get a little (or a lot drained) sometimes.

Can't wait to hear alllll about your weekend.