Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday- I left work early due to it starting to snow. Then came home and enjoyed the house to myself for a bit, until my mom and brother and my dad came. I watched tv and read a book and then went to bed.

Saturday- I slept till 8am, then got up and read some more of my book. Then went to a volunteer appreciation event, where a national speaker was there on the gift of laughter. She made us stand up and say "heehehehehe" while moving our thumbs up and down. Trust me when I say, I felt like this had to be on a hidden camera show. Unfortunately, I was wrong. So me and my friend attempted to sneak out, only to come face to face with the director of the organization. Oops. She of course was like, why are you guys leaving?? And me, being awesome, escaped to the coat room before she could corner me. Unfortunately, the latter happened to my friend. After successfully escaping, we asked ourselves yet again why we go to these things. I told her it was because of the free food. *shrugs*

After the event, it started to snow again, so I came home to an empty house. My family had taken the dog to get groomed. I ended up laying in bed and reading for a few hours, until I finally was hungry, and made myself some dinner. Then I hung out with the family aka yelled at my mom and hung out with my dad, and went to bed.

Sunday- I slept till 8ish, got up, helped make breakfast with my mom. I was going to attend mass but it was still snowing, so I decided to tape mass on the ETWN network. I was watching said mass on the tv when I was rudely interrupted by my little brother who said he got the tv so we could watch the Broncos game. Thankfully I recorded the mass so I can watch it anytime this week. After being kicked off the tv, I played Indiana Jones on Wii and Star Wars. My point was just to go around and collect all the coins and treasures; I didn't actually want to beat the levels. After I got bored of that, I went to Babies 'R Us with M, where we shopped for the baby shower that was in like 3 hours.

I successfully bought diapers, wipes, a safari pacifier holder, some frog themed clothes and some frog washcloths. Then I ran home, wrapped everything, and put it in a pretty bag, and got my ass to the shower. I only got lost once, but thankfully my GPS knew just where to go. I was even on time. The shower was fun, filled with the typical games like measuring the mom's tummy, and remembering a bunch of baby items. I won a prize too, because I had one of the best lists of advice for the dad to be. You see, you had to take each letter of the name of the baby, JULIAN, and write something. Mine is as follows:

Just Breate
Understand your limits
Listen carefully
Investigate all baby sounds
Ask for help when needed
Never shake a baby*

*I say that in making fun of a local commercial I hear allll the freakin' time on the radio. But you still should never shake a baby, k?

After the shower, M and I caught up with a friend from h.s. that was there. She told us all about her three kids and the deadbeat dad, and her depressing life. It was pretty sad. But it sounds like she'll be okay. Finally it was like 9:30, so we all left. Sure it was fun seeing them open presents, but I have to tell you, most of the people there were either pregnant or had babies with them. It scared me out of my wits. I definitely can't imagine being pregnant at this age. Like, having a real human being inside you. Yikes. So, I came away thinking I should be good for awhile. As in, abstain from that stuff. Cuz the last thing I wanna be is a mama right now.

I slept pretty crappy last night, but thank god for some prescription ibprofen--now I'm back to normal.

How was your weekend?


Andhari said...

Your weekend sounds really relaxing. I would love to lay down and sleep more, it's just the start of the week but I feel so tired already.

Ps. Totally share your views on baby. They might be cute but I'm not ready to be a mama right now either.

Wonderful said...

Andi- No kidding--glad you aren't ready to be a mama either.