Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Murphy's Law

oh, it's just funny, i blogged about Alex and how i haven't heard from him the other day when today i get to work and what do i see in my inbox? an email from him! his dept was celebrating this GIS day at the courthouse and he wanted me to stop by, so I googled the agenda, and saw they'd be on a break during lunchtime so i figured I'd drop in then cuz his email said come by at lunch if u want to.

and i figured I'd go so he knew i didn't hate him. and I was so nervous but i walked to the third floor to find...that he wasn't there. and i couldn't call him because my cell phone is broken, so i walked all the way back to my office, and tried his cell and his work. no answer. and then i realized i didn't even leave a msg, so he would never know that i tried to see him. so then i called his cell again to leave a msg this time, and whatta know, he answered. and said he was at subway. with his coworkers. so we agreed to meet at 1:10, because the next session started at 1:15. so i thought, okay we'll talk for 5 min tops.

well......we ended up talking for an hour about his research and his thanksgiving plans and of course he was like so good to see you, and i was like yeah. and he's like i didn't think i would ever see you again (aka what i said in my email) and so i was like well, i didn't know what to think, and maybe sometime we can get coffee even tho i don't drink coffee.but i drink tea. but isn't that funny how people say, let's go out for coffee sometime when they don't even drink it? (yeah, i was rambling.)

and he was like well think about it, i'm around, call me if you want to do that. and then he walked me out and we said goodbye. and i wanted to be natural so when i first saw him i did give him a hug, but that's what i do, i give hugs. so when we were walking down the stairs he grabbed my hand. i'm not sure if that was out of kindness or not. but it didn't last long and wasn't like intertwined or anything. and then we had another hug when we said goodbye.

So that's what's been interesting....not to mention that the Asshole just texted me asking if I had plans tonight. Which of course I don't, because I'm 90.

How's everyone's weekends looking?


Andhari said...

Ooh exciting!!! Are you gonna see him again? I think he genuinely likes you.:)

ScrambledJill said...

Just stumbled on your blog. I love it!

Wonderful said...

Andi- I am thinking of inviting him to get "coffee" aka tea for me after work sometime next month. I did receive an email from him yesterday asking how my weekend was going and what I was doing today, and he wrote about his plans too.

Jill- Thank you! I look forward to giving your blog a read!