Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday- I worked from home again, just because I could. Then, in the evening, my mom and I got into a fight. She basically said that I'm a bad influence on my 9-year-old brother because I say no to her, and I don't pick up things like she wants them, and I don't help my brother study. I told her she's the parent, not me, it's not my job to tutor him. I'm his sister. We argued for awhile until she said that "this just isn't working, you need to move out. You need a life." Um, I have one thanks. I asked her to wait until January, because that's when I can stop paying for my P.O.D. and look for a place to move. Of course she said no, and I basically left.

I went to my friend's house where we watched Hocus Pocus with M, and then we got addicted to watching this Ghost Hunters Live show on the Travel Channel where they were in some mental institute in West Virginia. It was lame and they never did find one, but we still watched it till 1am. I spent the night, and didn't even dream of ghosts.

Saturday- I slept till 10am, then ate lunch and watched My Life in Ruins with my friend. We played with her dog, and watched Casper the Friendly Ghost, and played trivia on demand. We finally went outside at like 5pm, took the dog for a short walk, and then I headed out. I went home, made up a costume (I was a little girl going to sleep--I wore my hair in pigtails, wore starry pjs, slippers, and held a stuffed teddy bear with me), and then headed downtown for a party, where I met up with many new and familiar faces. It was good times. After that I headed to another party closer to home, where I played darts and watched people play Rockband 2. I stayed out late, but it was a good night, considering last Monday I had no plans for Halloween whatsoever.

Sunday- I slept in, watched tv, ate cold pizza on the couch, played with the dog, watched some more tv, avoided my mother, attempted to go to church but failed, and then went to bed. Yeah, I pretty much did nothing yesterday but isn't that what Sundays are for?

Today I'm the only one in the office, it's mildly unsettling, but I've managed to take up most of the day doing mundane tasks.

How was your weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween?

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