Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Edition

Can I just say that having the office to myself after a long weekend and listening to Disney soundtracks (Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc) makes work alot more enjoyable? Cuz it does.

As for my weekend, it was nice. As predicted, we snuck the dog in and out of the condo. There were a few close calls when one of the maintenance workers wanted to install some carbon monoxide detectors and we had to hide the dog in the spare bedroom. And hide her in the car while we parked in the garage. And make sure she didn't bark. Yeah, it was kinda annoying but I think my mom finally learned her lesson that we shouldn't bring her up again. Especially when you have a 4 hour car ride with 5 people, a 50+ pound dog, and a back seat  completely filled with our stuff. The saving grace of the trip up and back was a dual screen dvd player. My lil brother was in heaven. And I have to admit, it was really useful. We watched Transformers on the way up and Family Guy on the way back.

I ate entirely way too much over the weekend--there was food everywhere. My mom and I argued over how to cook glazed carrots, but I got to thinking, that if every Thanksgiving was actually free of yelling and her trying to micromanage my every move in the kitchen, well, it'd be kinda boring. As for the feast, we had a moist turkey, stuffing with pecans and cranberries (a welcome upgrade from stove top), green bean casserole, glazed carrots, rolls, and mashed potatoes.

It was yummy, but I'm sad we have no leftovers because we left early on Saturday so we left all the extras behind. I might actually make some green bean casserole this week and buy some turkey so I can recreate the experience. But I am definitely going running or walking everyday this week. I felt so gross and fat this weekend, probably because I kept stuffing my face with food, but still. I need to run/walk some of that stuff off. Like today. I meant to wake up at 6am, that's when my alarm went off, but I decided it was too dark to go outside. So I reset it and slept in and didn't take the dog for a walk. So that means I'm walking around on my lunch hour today.

How was your Thanksgiving/long weekend?

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