Friday, September 25, 2009

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Whew, I've had alot of stuff happenin' lately with boy front, that it's way past time that I update you all.

Bryan aka Special Agent. He and I still text daily, with occasional phone calls in between. Things have been going well. About three weeks ago now, I was bored at work. Just the night before Bryan had reminded me that I am always welcome to visit him. Therefore, I texted him while at work asking for his days off so I could possibly look into seeing how much airfare would be for a weekend trip next month. He texted back promptly, and I checked for the rest of the day, confusing the hell out of myself with all the different dates, schedules, and prices of flights. I revisited this the next day, a Friday. Tickets were going for $300+ for the weekend I wanted, which turns out to be Columbus Day weekend--no wonder. So I texted my NY friend complaining about how expensive it is, but that I wanted to go. He offered to pay for my ticket. Yes, you read that right. We've known each other for almost 4 years, and he's always offering to buy me stuff I want, but I have never taken him up on it. Until now..... I booked a ticket to visit Bryan for a weekend! I can't believe I did that, but then again, I didn't pay for it, so why not go?

Bryan of course was beyond excited knowing that I'm coming to visit him. He's already made plans to take me to dinner in New Hampshire, about an hour or so away, to meet his friend and his wife. And I insisted that we go apple picking, which he hasn't done. I'm so excited to go apple picking, I haven't been since college!

But here's the confusing part--I haven't seen Bryan since high school, and if you've been reading this blog, you know my thoughts about high school people. So, that, coupled with the fact that I don't even know if I like like him, makes this weekend kind of scary. Not to mention that normally I don't open up to boys right away. I take months to do so. But all I have with Bryan is a weekend, so it's going to be a challenge to be myself and open up right away.

My other concerns are what it means to visit a boy for a weekend. When I think of it in terms of me visiting him and it possibly meaning more than friends, I get all nervous and wonder what the hell I'm doing. But at the same time, if I think, oh it's just friends, it's kinda disappointing because maybe I want him to want me more than friends. But if I think of the weekend as my own getaway to Vermont, with his added company, I'm actually comfortable with that and excited.

The only other thing I need to figure out now is what to wear to bed. I usually just toss on a t-shirt and some sort of bottoms, but then again, no one sees that except me. So....what would you guys do? Should I go invest in a new set of color-coordinated pjs? Or just stick with what I normally do? Clearly I need help. HELP!

B aka the Asshole. As I mentioned yesterday, I did have dinner with him last week. It was by pure coincidence that we were both available. I was actually planning on going home for dinner and eating pork, but our dog ate it. He called to see if I had any plans, I didn't, and BAM, we went to dinner. Over dinner I told him about Bryan, and how I am going to see him. B was semi-jealous, but he told me he had a date. Actually, I saw he had a date via Facebook and asked him about it. He said the girl he took to this event has a bf. I encouraged him to pursue other people should he think he might have potential with them. But he said he'd rather let me wonder. *rolls eyes* I ditched him for an entire month, you'd think he would've gotten the hint by now, but clearly hasn't. I just don't know how to end it. I am not a mean person, I can't be like, I-hate-you-B. But I also can't see him anymore, he just doesn't do it for me.

So what should I do???

Yogi. I haven't written about him here, but he's definitely an older, black, guy who works at the bus station. He originally gave me his card with his # on it months ago when I was crying over B when we broke up. Eventually I did call him so that he would have my number finally. We did talk on and off more recently, sometimes half an hour or more. In one recent conversation, he asked me what types of food I like to eat. I told him I wasn't picky, and he basically asked me to go out to eat with him at P.F. Changs sometime. I said sure, but even as I said that, I thought to myself: Is this a date? Cuz if it's a date, I am not interested. He's way too old for me. So he brought it up again in a later conversation, but I had to let him go because I had another call. Well, since then, he hasn't brought it up and whenever he calls, it's like a 5 minute convo, and all he says is, "just wanted to say hi, I don't want to take up your time," and ends the conversation. So I have no idea what his deal is. I hope he doesn't think I rejected him, because it's not like that. I just enjoy his conversation and he makes me smile.

New Bus Boy aka Alex. Last Friday I took the earlier bus home. I was wearing a simple jeans, hoodie combo. I boarded the bus, and was minding my own business when Alex sat behind me, and leaned over the seat and said, "Have you ridden this bus before?" I told him I don't usually get this one. "I haven't seen you on here, I would've noticed." We haphazardly talked through the seats until someone finally sat down beside me. I learned that he has a PhD, two masters, and grew up in Ghana. He lived in D.C. for awhile, and just moved here in June. Turns out he works right across the street from me, doing H1N1 research. Small world. Anyways, we chatted, it was polite conversation, nothing flirty at all. When I was about to get off at my stop, he passed me his business card with his cell phone # written on the back. "It was great meeting you. Call me sometime." Of course then I knew he was hitting on me. I swear sometimes I'm just too nice. Of course I didn't call him, I don't want him having my number, especially because I don't even know him yet like that. But I have emailed him, just saying hi. I definitely wouldn't date him, but I would take a walk with him on my lunch hour or something.

So given all the boys I have been juggling lately, I need a drink--or 5,980,320,721--which is why I'm so excited that I'm going to the Great American Beer Festival tonight!! Last year I had a blast. This year I'm all prepared to get drunk & have even made special pretzel necklaces in advance. I just hope I'm still hungover by tomorrow night, because I'm volunteering at the festival then.

Do you guys have any weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

WOWee, and I thought my dating life was complicated. At least you have a lotta choices!

This weekend I'm smoking and drinking and working. Yknow, the norm!

LiLu said...

Damn girl, you got a lot going on! Good luck keeping them all straight... I know I couldn't :-)

Wonderful said...

Taylor- I suppose choices are good, but it can also be a bad thing.

Lilu- Thank god for beer.

Eryn Tracy said...

Gosh, sounds like boys sure are keeping you busy! I think it's kinda fun to juggle so many at once. ;) Have a great time and keep us updated!
PS, thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm stoked to read yours as well!