Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, I wish it was still the weekend. I could use a massage, and more water, and definitely more sleep.

Friday- Went out to the Great American Beer Festival. I was frustrated because traffic was terrible so it took me 2 hours to get down there. So of course when I finally met up with my friends, we made our pretzel necklaces, and got down to business.

Yay for pretzel necklaces!

The night was awesome. It included me being an enabler (drinking-wise), tricking our friend into getting his mustache shaved, and of course dancing in the silent disco to Michael Jackson. Oh, and singing my favorite song from college happy hour--Sweet Caroline. Afterward, I had M pick me up and we went out for another drink at a bar. Turned out to be happy hour, so I got 2 for 1 drinks. I couldn't drink anymore though. But at least I didn't waste too much money.

Saturday- Slept on and off at M's place. Had a terrible headache, and basically tried not to throw up. I have to remember that my body can't handle tons of alcohol like my mind thinks so. Finally made it back to my car, did not throw up on the bus (FTW!), showered, changed, and did the best thing ever: bought myself a happy meal, complete with a Barbie jewelry box. Yeah, it's how I roll. Volunteered at the beer fest, wrist banding thousands of ppl (no joke, they said 12,000 people came through the entrance I was working), and saw more friends at the festival, which helped the night go by fast.

Sunday- Got woken up by the dog, the little brother, and my mom at 8:30am. Not a fan. But she did buy me McDonald's for breakfast, so I suppose that was the perk of waking up to loud noises. After breakfast, I caught up on tv. Project Runway, Drop Dead Diva, Entourage, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Top Chef. It was nice to get some quiet time.

So I lost my car keys on Thursday night, and I looked everywhere for them. Luckily, I used my Dad's spare set which happened to have my car key on it. Thank god. I of course prayed to God and St. Anthony to find such keys, but that didn't work when I lost my bus pass and Costco card. So I'm talking on the phone with a boy on Sunday in my room, when I lift up a receipt that was in my headboard, and what's underneath it? MY CAR KEYS. I kid you not. I seriously couldn't believe it. So of course to give thanks, I went to church last night with my lil brother. It was good times. Then I watched the Amazing Race and went to sleep.

How was your weekend?


Blogger Grrl said...

My weekend was very busy. My husband worked the Great American Beer Festival on Thursday and attended on Friday as well. I worked the farmer's markets on Saturday and Sunday. I'm pooped!

Speaking of which--are you going to do NaBloWriMo again this year?


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Oh, the GABF...I always hoped I could go to that one day, but then my body decided to become violently allergic to hops...

*weeps silently*

Wonderful said...

Amy- That's too funny your husband was there on Friday too but the farmers market sounds good.

mjenks- That sucks...GABF is definitely one of those events you should attend.

Anonymous said...

Beer festival! Fun!

Do tell more about these pretzel necklaces....

Andhari said...

Wow beerfest sounds awesome, I've never been to one. I rarely drink beer but I might have a glass or two if I go to one, how unique and festive.

And since you mention happy hour, hellooooo I loveee it!

Ps. What is pretzel necklace? Can the pretzel be eaten too?

Wonderful said...

Andi- Yes a pretzel necklace is basically just a bunch of pretzels on a string, so you wear it and can eat off of it too. It's the best idea to go with beer.