Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm excited that it's Friday, because that means it's the weekend. I don't have much planned for this holiday weekend at all. Just want to go outside, maybe for a hike or a bike ride, and sleep, and relax. And oh, I want to shop too. I am so sick of my wardrobe. I'd like to buy a new pair of shoes, a couple new pairs of pants--jeans or work type clothes--and a couple new shirts. I'll probably just hit up the mall and see what I find.

Oh and I am going to attempt to do some productive type things such as:
  • Get a new car battery. Everytime I get my oil changed, they tell me my battery reading is low. So I'm finally going to do it this weekend.
  • Along with the car maintenance, I'm going to replace my other windshield wiper, so that they both are new. I'm going to also pay $7 and get my car vacuumed and washed.
  • I'm going to clean out my car truck that has clothes I've been meaning to donate to Goodwill.
  • If I get to be motivated enough, I want to fix my closet. About a month or so ago the rod in my closet kinda ripped out of the wall, so I haven't been able to hang up my clothes in a long time. I think it was the weight of all my winter clothes that made it break but it'd be nice to fix that, because it would free up some room on my floor :)
  • Enjoy time with my family before my Dad leaves to go back to China. He's only here until Tuesday, but we might go to the mountains this weekend, so either way I'll make time for him.
What are you all doing this weekend?


Taylor said...

Woohoo, sounds productive!! I wish I was as motivated as you.

This weekend? I'm going to drink. And then work. And then smoke. And then do homework. Fun??

I hope your weekend is lovely, dear!!


Andhari said...

Wow everything you wanna do sounds productive. Washing, cleaning and all that? I'm usually so lazy lol. Anyhoo I probably go shopping as well.:) new stuff always make me happy.

LiLu said...

This is what I have accomplished so far this weekend.

I call that a WIN.

Wonderful said...

Taylor- Your weekend sounds really fun!

Andi- I did go shopping today, and bought some really cute dresses.

Lilu- I would definitely agree. FTW!

Jill Pilgrim said...

This weekend went by waaaaay too fast! Damn you time!!