Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One time at a retreat I went to we went around the room and offered what word(s) people have used to describe us. Sometimes I pay attention to the things that happen around me, and in the past week I've been called a few words that I'd like to share.

Adventurous- I was called this last week while at dinner with my mom and some family friends from Tennessee. I was telling them about how I went to Paris last year with friends, and how I went to Seattle last month by myself. "Wow, you're adventurous," he said. I never thought of myself as adventurous. When I think of that word, I picture someone skydiving or climbing up Mt. Everest. That's adventurous, but I guess traveling in general, whether it's alone or with friends, can be too.

Self sufficient- Last week while I was moving boxes from our old office into the truck, my boss called me self sufficient because while I was carrying a heavy box and managed to open the door by myself, even though she offered to open it for me. I do agree. I am self sufficient. I pay my own bills, and have a full time job. And will hopefully become a homeowner next year. I value my independence, yet I know when to ask for help and input from others.

Adorable- I'm not sure what this word means. defines it as "very attractive or delightful; charming; worthy of being adored." Two different boys described me as this. I didn't say anything overly gagtastic or sappy. I was just talking normally. But I'm guessing if two different people used this word, that's good right? I mean, it's a good word. It's better than bad words. So, I guess I'm adorable too.

Now I'm curious about ya'll. Tell me, what word(s) have people used to describe you?


Katie said...

Once, a guy I was dating referred to me not as being "hot" but "cute". I asked if I could be "hot" and he said "no."

This is surely because he was addicted to heroin (and not cool Edward Cullen style)

I think most people would call me ridiculously hilarious and witty.

I don't know where my joke ideas come from, they just spew. Like word vomit.

mylittlebecky said...

good words! it's always interesting to know how others see us. i love it.

Wonderful said...

Katie- I like your sense of humor, and I can relate about dating guys that just aren't very nice.

Becky- Yea! I rarely pay attention to them but it's definitely nice to hear.