Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Whew, this weekend was a doozy.

Friday: Didn't work very hard. We back issues in our old office, so we lugged those in and out of a truck which took two hours. After that I met up with S, whom I haven't seen in forever. I had a mini freak out earlier in the day because his text said we, and I thought, oh no, what if he has a girlfriend? What if it's awkward and I'm the 3rd wheel? So I finally asked him if he was bringing anyone else, and he said no. Whew. Crisis averted. We caught up over Phillycheese steaks and PBR at Denver Ted's. He seemed like the same guy I remembered, only a little bit more serious. After that I went to JCPenney's and bought new Levi's, a jean skirt, and a black skirt. Then pretty much passed out.

Saturday: I was lazy. I slept in, talked with various people on the phone, and watched tv. Oh, and I made mac & cheese for lunch. Yum. Then I was productive and took my dry cleaning to the cleaners. I've been meaning to do that, oh...for like a month now. Better late than never, right? Right. After that I went downtown for the Greek festival. Now, last year, we met a random lady in her 40s, who bought us all like 5 rounds of ouzo. Needless to say I was wasted. But this year, I came into it thinking, no, I will not be wasted. I will control myself. So we all ate food, then had our one shot of ouzo followed by a Greek beer. And then this group of Italians sat at the table with us. Tom, the old guy in the middle just kept talking to me (again, why do old guys always hit on me???) Before I knew it, they had wine, and I had wine, and then it was 10pm, and I had consumed enough alcohol. Needless, to say, it was a great night.

L to R: K, Me, M, and Jake.

L to R: Italian's wife, Tom, other old guy, me & K.

Sunday: Slept in, ate lunch at the Cherry Cricket, and then spent the evening celebrating Father's Day with my uncle at Jazz at the Park. I'm so tired, but not really hungover. Just really dehydrated. And I'm off to drink some more with my uncle. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a really long day.

How was your weekend?


Andhari said...

What is a greek festival? Sounds super fun with all the shots and food..I only ate greek food once in life and well, it's such a sad fact.

Katie said...

I have always wanted to go to a Greek festival. I am so jealous. I'm also not Greek. But still. Greek folks are welcoming, right?

Wonderful said...

Andhari- It's basically a festival where they have games, rides for kids, greek food, and they sell stuff like paintings of Greece and coin skirts. Greek food is SOOO good, you'll have to try some sometime.

Katie- I'm not Greek either but that didn't stop me from totally falling in love with every hot Greek boy I saw there & wishing I was Greek. They are very welcoming, especially with ouzo in them. OPA!

LiLu said...

Aw, looks like a blast! I hope you broke some plates at the Greek festival ;-)

Matt said...

but whats up with everywhere in Denver putting PBR on tap?

I just dont get it.

LiLu said...

"Other old guy"... I love it!

Wonderful said...

Lilu-I didn't break any plates but I did enter the raffle for a trip to Greece. I'm guessing I didn't win because I never got a phone call. Bummer.

Matt-I have no idea. Friday was my first time even trying the stuff. In college I was used to Keystone. Who knows.