Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm back

I'm back from Seattle, and very tired. So tired, that I'm bailing on book club tonight. That, and I didn't read the book this month. Oh well. The weekend was lots of fun. Allow me to recap....

Friday: Arrived on time, caught the bus to my hotel, where I was allowed to check in early. The room was nice, I took a nap, and then walked to the waterfront, browsed the aquarium, and bought a City Pass booklet, good for most of the major attractions. Ate fish n chips at Ivar's and fed fries to the seagulls. Shopped- bought a Seattle sweatshirt, a steel water bottle, a cute pair of boxers for my lil brother, and a Christmas ornament (it's a habit, I buy one wherever I go). Walked around Pikes Place Market, bought myself a bottle of Syrah wine from a Washington winery, and did more window shopping at H&M, Old Navy, and the Levi's store. Finally made it back to the hotel after reading the map wrong, and then went out for Thai food & green tea ice cream. Made it back, relaxed with some Oprah, and fell asleep.

Saturday: Slept in, made it to the aquarium by 11, walked around, watched the divers feed the fish and sharks, touched starfish, and walked around. Then took a ferry around the harbor for an hour. It was wonderful being on the water with the sun shining. Went to the space needle, and the Experience Music Museum. Then took the Monorail back downtown and walked to Ivar's for happy hour. My waitress was from Colorado and had moved to Seattle 6 months ago... small world. Anyways, had too many beers and a burger and watched more people feed the seagulls. Met a couple from Finland, who live in California. And talked with a couple originally from Queens but now live in Seattle, due to the husband being in the military. They were really fun to talk to, and so I went bowling (read: more drinking) and then out to some bar named Jillian's where we danced the night away.

Sunday: Started by day off right by puking my brains out beginning at 5:30 a.m., and alternating every hour or so. Worst hangover ever. Seriously not drinking for awhile. But I had fun, and I managed to not lose anything important. Spent the morning recuperating, checked out on time, then took the bus to the airport. Talked with several cute men, but all married. Flight was delayed for an hour, hung around the airport and tried not to puke anymore. Ate some fries and drank a smoothie. Made it back home in one piece, and took my mom out to dinner at Outback.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I'm glad I went! How was your weekend?

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Andhari said...

So many interesting, new people. So exciting! I love sea animals too ;)