Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate so

I just need to vent....

Things I hate:

  1. My annoying officemate. She's always too hot or too cold. She opens the windows when I'm cold, she doesn't ever change the tape for the server, she's totally the "teacher's pet," and she takes two hour lunches like she deserves to.
  2. I hate my mom. She knows exactly how to piss me off, especially when she says comments like "You sure don't look like you've lost weight," and "You should change, no guy is going to look at you in a t-shirt and shorts." Thanks mom, there goes my self-esteem. She made me cry last night. I hate her.
  3. Floozy, my other officemate. She bought me a sundae at Ben & Jerry's, and then minutes later, decided to let me know how "redundant" my writing is, and what I should fix, even though SHE IS NOT MY BOSS!
  4. I hate living at home. I resent that I have to take my 9-year-old brother to summer camp everyday while my other brother gets to sleep in because he was out too late the night before. I'm late everyday because of this but no one cares. FML.
  5. My life. Clearly I'm unhappy today.
I wish I could embrace my inner petulant child and run away.


Mayeshah said...

I hate to be the type to say there are worst shit going on. so i not gonna say it. Zone out the bitches for workmates, tell your mother you are grown and can do well without her negativity and go with your brother at night so both of u are out late and just wake up with enuff time to get ready to work. I feel your pain with living at home and i am trying to get out this country as well. :) Keep your head up babes!

Andhari said...

URGHHH #1 and #2 will make me seriously moody too, I hope your day improves since then. Or at least it gets better tomorrow :)

mylittlebecky said...

i'm sorry, dear. that sucks. hard. you should like "accidentally" kick your other brother's bed in the morning. or "fall down the stairs" and scream loudly. fingers crossed for a better day!

Anonymous said...

Grrr I always feel like glaring at your mom when I hear that she says stuff like that.

Live your life the way you want to live it and ignore the haters.


Matt said...

you dont really hate your mom!! Take it back!!

Wonderful said...

Mayeshah- I know, you're right there are worse problems out there, but when I wrote this, I needed to vent. I'm glad I'm not the only one with problems.

Andhari- Today is a much better day, thank god!

Becky- I totally should do that, thanks for the suggestion.

M- You are so right, it's just hard to ignore the hater when you live with her, but thanks for glaring at her!

Matt- Fine, I'll take it back but she still sucks at life.

LiLu said...

"You sure don't look like you've lost weight..."

It always BLOWS my mind when people tell me their parents say stuff like this to them. They are the people in the world who are supposed to love you unconditionally, no matter what- they shouldn't even SEE what you look like!!! Unbelievable... I am so sorry, love.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm with matt, don't say you hate your mom!!

: )

Maxie said...

I know the feeling-- I hate my job every single day.