Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend, I actually made plans, and did something(s) and felt like my age again. Hallelujah!

Allow me to recap....

Friday: Left work at 2:30 to drink. Our art director demanded we go out for a drink on him. Plus my boss was out of town, so that didn't hurt either. Had a Mothership Wit with coworkers, then headed home, where I got all beautified for my date. yes, I had a date. Went out to dinner where I had spaghetti & meatballs, followed by wine & strawberry shortcake. It was a good night.

Saturday: Had lunch at a new bbq place and then met up with M for pedicures. I was going to choose my predictable color - pink - but decided last minute to be a rebel and opted for the aqua blue color. The chairs were comfy, and it was relatively inexpensive. M and I walked to the 7-11 and grabbed drinks...I was really craving a slurpee! That was pure yumminess. We walked to Tony's market, walked around the store, admired all the pretty displays of food, and even got a free wine tasting. Score. On our way out, it decided to downpour. M pulled out her umbrella, and we decided to make a run for it. Afterall, we only had to go 3 blocks, how bad could that be? BAD, I tell ya. We made it about a block and a half before it started to HAIL, and two people sharing an umbrella made for one doesn't quite work out. Luckily we found shelter underneath a tree, but by that point, we were both soaked. So we decided to run the last block in the rain/hail, and the entire time I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. We dried off at M's place, and then went out to dinner at Pete's Greektown Cafe. I've been craving their pita bread since like two months ago. Overall, it was a great night.

Sunday: I didn't go to church. Instead I went to the pool and swam for a couple hours before it started to rain, and hail. again. I'm starting to get used to these summer storms. I was going to meet up with friends to go to jazz in the park, but due to another last minute rain storm, we opted to go for boba tea instead. I tried a new flavor- taro.

This is what it looks like.

I usually stick with mango, or passionfruit, but this was decent. It reminded me of almond biscotti. It was good to catch up with people- we even reminisced about our childhood toys, which I think is funny because that's one of the trending topics today on Twitter is #iremember.

It was a good weekend - how was yours?


Andhari said...

Running through the rain sounds good, I havent done that in a while. Just to cherish a lost childhood maybe lol That boba tea looks yummy, taro is always my favorite flavor, especially with crushed oreo in it too :)

Katie said...

Um, are you me?

Seriously, am I a schizophrenic with several identities?

I too made plans, kept them and acted 24 as opposed to the 75 that I'm going on.

I actually may even go to a REAL HAPPY HOUR in the city!

Wonderful said...

Andhari- I've never had taro with oreos in it. I have to try that next time!!

Katie- I'm so glad to know that someone else acts like they are 75 too! I look forward to reading your blog!