Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Life in the hippie city has been great all week, yes I know it's only Tuesday, but still. During my lunch hour I got around to contemplating why this week is so great. Well, here's the main reason: all the college kids are either a) graduated or b) on summer break away from this lovely city. What does this mean to me? Well, since I work in said city, it means I can stretch out on my bus rides to and from work, I can roam Pearl St. Mall and actually get a spot to sit, and it's definitely less crowded for happy hours. YESSSSS. Other reasons why I love summer: I tan easily (awesome) but always wear sunscreen (or not), love the fresh air, swimming, garage sales, and all the festivals which I love aren't too far away.

Things I'm over: library fines & volunteering. I seriously owe the library $7 now all because for each book that is overdue, it's 20 cents a day. Multiply that by a bunch of books, and well, you get the idea. Boo to that. Seriously, I'm the library's best customer, I'm always checking out books, why can't they just cut me some slack!?! As for the volunteering thing--well, I'm burnt out, if it's possible. I have a few different places I volunteer at - mainly my weekly radio show & visiting my old lady friend Marie - but I'm ready to take a summer hiatus from them all. Is this possible?


Andhari said...

I can totally feel you although I don't live in college towns, during summer holiday it's less crowded everywhere. Loves it.:)

Wonderful said...

Me too!