Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cough, cough

Holy wow I've been bad about posting lately. I had a good three day weekend, but then on Monday I developed a sore throat. I thought, oh there's nothing wrong. probably me talking with M too much. It'll get better.

More like worse.

I woke up yesterday unable to talk. It hurt too damn much. I drank 4 cups of tea, felt miserable at work, and it hurt to swallow. Then I took some airborne before bedtime.

Today I can actually swallow without it hurting and my throat doesn't feel like it's about to combust, but I have a mini cough now. I have no idea how I even got this, nor do I know why I feel better today. But I'm hoping that tomorrow will be even better.

Edit: I went to the doctor's today & did a throat swab- I won't know results till Monday. I did get some huge dosage of ibuprofen and some drugs to help me sleep, so here's to making it through the weekend. I hate being sick.


Andhari said...

I hate having sore throat, being sick itself is bad but unable to eat too? That'd be a recipe for grumpiness for me.:P

Wonderful said...

Yeah...I've definitely been irritable this entire week, but today I feel better than I have in awhile, so here's to hoping that I'm getting rid of whatever I have.