Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a Country Girl

I've been on a country music kick lately.

The last time this happened was probably a year ago, when I was carpooling to work with a now former coworker. Being from Texas, she preferred to listen to country music. Here in the great CO, we only have two stations that I know of that play country. Anyways, due to her influence, I listened to country music for two weeks straight. Then after that, I took a long break from it and went back to listening to crappy hip hop, top 40, and pop music.

Well, now I'm back and with a vengeance, if you could even say that. I'm pretty sure that's not the right word, but whatever. I love my country music right now, but would never be an actual cowgirl. I went to that festival this past weekend, I saw miss Adams county. Boy was she all dressed up - in jeans, chaps, an obnoxiously teal shirt with a huge cowboy hat and tiara on. Trust me, if she had any more makeup on, I'd have thought she was a wax statue. I don't like western clothes, never did, never will. I don't own any cowboy or cowgirl boots either. I just like listenin' to the music and pretending to be out in the West, rounding up horses and cattle while drinkin' whiskey. Or maybe I just like talkin' cowboy slang. I've been using the words cowboy, saddle, and country way way too much. At least this is a phase, right? Right.


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LiLu said...

A huge cowbot hat AND a tiara? That girl needs to choose a Village Person and stick with it, honey.

(Disclaimer: I may or may not have a pair of cowboy boots in my closet.)

(Okay, it might be two.)

Andhari said...

LOL country music is pretty fun, I can only listen to it at a theme party over here.