Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Can you tell me why I thought I could survive living at home? Because I can't. I shed a few tears on the bus this morning. I had dreams last night about my mom busting into my room and turning on the light and telling me I had to take my 9-year-old brother to school, and me frantically rousing him from the bed and making him get ready and yelling at him because he was going to make me late for work. I woke up today at 6 a.m., only to figure out that it was a dream. Not a good one. Then I got to the bus stop, was seriously oh, 5 steps away from boarding, and it freaking left. LEFT. and a lady saw me, and she just stared at me, like you're S-O-L. but, the good thing is that i made it to work before my boss, I still have a job, and I'm alive. I just am slowly losing my sanity and beginning to really hate kids.

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Andhari said...

It's hard living with the parents with so many rules and obligations like that. I sulk so much because I have to wake up in the morning and drive mom to work sometimes, when my class is actually at 11 am and I'd do better with extra hours of sleep.