Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm not sure why but it seems like the past Friday as well as today's Friday I've been moody. Last week I was upset, this week I'm just feeling off, kinda lonely too. Not sure why. I hung out with S last night. We ate din din at Toyko Joe's where apparently he's never been before, and then went to see the ShuffleTones play at Jazz @ Jack's downtown. They were good. I don't know why but I was kinda not relaxed last night. It just seemed like everything I said came out snippy and I just sounded so uptight. I blame it on the 1 month rule.

What's the 1 month rule you ask? Well, it all started when I was dating Jeffrey. He has an odd work schedule--like 2pm till 10:30pm, so we basically saw each other on the weekends, if that. Honestly, we probably only saw each other once a month, but would talk regularly. Anyways, the times I did see him, I would be nervous and just not relaxed at first because it would be like meeting him all over again, ya know? I blame it on not seeing him often enough to become lax and myself around him. So, that same rule has applied to last night's situation because I haven't seen S since about a month; I went off to Paris, and he was in Kansas for a week. I just wish I was more relaxed, but I can't change anything now.

Oh, and I did something so so so so stupid last night. So I parked in my mom's spot at her work in the garage and I left the wand-y thing in my car, so I locked myself out of the garage and didn't even realize it till 11pm when I was walking S to the bus stop. I felt so embarrassed and stupid that I let him go, even tho he offered to stay with me till M showed up. Thank god she was downtown! She was such a life saver!

Well, it's the weekend...I've got a bridal shower to attend tomorrow and a bbq with an old cuse buddy and then it's Father's Day....

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