Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I realized looking through my entries that I never posted about #7 on the list: Jewel and John Legend.

M and I went to the concert two Friday's ago. It was held at Fiddler's Green, where we had an amazing view of the sunset and later the moon and stars. Apparently this concert was a benefit concert--yes, I knew it was, but what I didn't expect was for it to be so not crowded. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed getting better seats, but maybe people just aren't into going to concerts during the week, or maybe the word benefit scares people. I don't know. I felt good about it, because the money went to children's hospital.

We were supposed to have lawn seats, but due to the concert not being sold out, we were upgraded to the real seats in the 2nd section. As usual, I was worried about getting there on time. M picked me up from downtown, and then we drove to Red Robin and got dinner to go, only to find out that outside food apparently isn't allowed in the venue. So we stuffed our faces (figuratively and literally) and went inside.

This year I was prepared for the weather and brought two fleece blankets, a sweatshirt, and an umbrella. You see, the last time I was at Fiddler's was years ago when M and I were either in our senior year of h.s. or maybe it was a summer during college. Anyways, we were going to see MercyMe, and the weather got so bad that they had a rain delay. You guessed it, we didn't bring a thing to protect us from the rain, so we got drenched to the bone. I mean it! We waited by the porta potties for the storm to pass but eventually gave up and went to eat dinner at the Village Inn nearby. We were seriously so soaking wet that even our seats had water on them from us. Of course this year since I prepared for another dreaded storm, it didn't happen. The sky was clear and it wasn't even freezing cold.

Jewel opened up the concert and was surprisingly really down to earth. She would tell jokes or stories in between songs, and even let the kids that were in the audience shout out suggestions for what she should play.

After her, John Legend performed. Of course that was the highlight of the night...he's just so damn fine. Trust me, I don't get all star struck or obsessed with celebs, but for some reason seeing him on stage belting out songs about love and making love (hahaha), well, a girl just falls under his hypnotic spell. He played my favorite song of his, "Slow Dance," and a VIP member named Nicole went up on stage. She was cute, but she totally didn't dance slow enough for John. I told M if I was up there, I would've danced slow enough and would've helped John take off his jacket since it'd be so hott up there. Of course I have innocent intentions! I mean, he ended up taking off his jacket in the next song anyways, so I would've been just helpin' a brotha out. Sheesh people, I'm totally innocent. Anyways, John was great, and performed this other song about giving all your heart to someone and loving them. It had a great message, and he said it was his newest song, not even on his cd. I took video of it, but I haven't listened to it yet. All in all, it was a great night under the stars. I'm glad I went!

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