Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yay! Ashley had her baby!! So I'm at work on Friday, avoiding actually doing any real work, when my phone vibrates with an (917) number. Of course, I was curious as to who could be calling, so I answered it and a guy was on the other line. Immediately, I thought to myself, who the heck is this?? And so I tentatively said hello with a note of apprehension in my voice. Turns out it was John, Ashley's husband. He was calling me to say that the baby was born on that Monday and that they were finally home. I told him how I had thought to call Ashley on Monday to see how she was doing because I remember when I invited her to the John Legend concert, she said she probably couldn't go because she was due to pop around that time. Well, sure enough she did. She had a baby girl, Eliana, at 6lbs 10oz. I was of course excited for her and happy that they were home and safe. Well, then John passed the phone to Ashley and I got the scoop from her. Turns out there were complications with the birth. She wanted to have a natural birth but when she got the hospital, half way dilated, they told her that she had Strep B, and that only the baby could catch it so they had to put her on an IV full of antibiotics. Her parents were there at the hospital because she had called them at like 2am when she felt contractions. Anyways, because of the risk of infection coupled with the fact that the baby wasn't moving on the baby monitor--it was just a flat line--they went ahead and did a C section. Ashley was knocked out and John tended to the baby. It was after John left that Ashley started hemorrhaging blood. The doctors thought that they might have to do a hysterectomy on her if the bleeding continued. But, somehow, someway, they stopped the bleeding in time. Ashley had no idea any of this happened until she woke up the next day to her Mom crying and John white as a ghost telling her how she had scared them all.

Hearing her story of how I could've almost lost one of my best friends, I was grateful that she and the baby were okay and healthy. It also put all of my "problems" and issues in perspective because here I was thinking that my life SUCKED, when at the very same time, my best friend was going through one of the most scariest times of her life. I definitely realized that my problems weren't as huge as they seemed, and that I should be thankful for all the things I do have--my health, friends, and family.

I saw Ashley and the baby on Saturday, she is so cute! She even smiled at me :)

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