Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blessings, big and small

Thank you Lord, for blessings both big and small.

I just had my interview for my freelance article with this head of admissions person. As M knows very well, I always stress out over interviews and my freelance work. Anyways, I prayed that God would help me out today and help me get through the interview and the article. Well, I just got off the phone with the lady, and the interview went very well. See, it's ironic because most of the time when i schedule interviews, I always think of specific questions. Well, for this assignment, I felt like I just wanted to have a conversation. No specific questions. Just talking. Well, of course the PR guy wanted specifics. In fact, he called me earlier today to "clarify" some of the questions I had e-mailed him. He definitely was just trying to help me out, and I definitely appreciated the fact that I could admit that this topic was complicated, and that I didn't know they offered so many different programs. Regardless, both the PR guy and the admissions lady were nice. We talked for a very long time, and had a conversation, and I took notes.

I don't know what has changed; I don't know if I have changed and am finally just letting things be, and not stressing over every little detail and trying to be perfect in every way, or if I am just getting the hang of this stuff and have accepted that it's not worth it to over stress about questions and to just have a conversation. Hmmmm. Well, regardless, I'm thankful for God giving me a blessing and letting the interview go well, and letting my freelance boss still give me assignments. I suppose everything does happen for a reason, huh?

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