Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paris Withdrawal...

I'm going through Paris withdrawl. Unlike L and M who have had dreams about Paris lately, I discovered my withdrawal in a different way: through photos. No, not my own. I was looking at pictures of Paris from the lady who writes the Juju blog and it made me miss Paris today. It made me want to be there, and to explore Paris more. She had great pictures of fromage (an assortment of cheeses), she had happy hour at a park drinking wine, she had pictures of great looking pastries, and the booksellers alone the Seine. All of it just made me wish I was there, to experience the laziness of the days and to just ponder life.

Even seeing pictures of Montmartre made me nostalgic, especially because this picture was taken at a cafe at the base of all these stairs that lead to Sacre Couer. I want to go back. I want to appreciate the fullness of life and its experiences. Even seeing pictures of some of the Metro stops made me want to go back to Paris, to see them for myself. If anything, I guess this reminds me that I haven't quite reflected on my Paris trip. Sure, I've told many stories about our adventures, but I haven't taken the time to really reflect on how it changed me as a person, or what I learned about myself. Of course I can say that Paris is unforgettable, but I'm not sure in which way that applies to me. Some people say it's unforgettable because they fall in love there, or find the perfect pair of shoes or handbag, but what does it mean to me? I certainly didn't fall in love there, and while I did manage to fit in some shopping and enjoy my purchases, I can't really say that Paris=shopping for me. Perhaps in some way Paris gave me new insight into my potential--of what I am capable of saying, learning, and doing. All I know is that Paris will always mean something to me...just not sure how.

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