Friday, June 6, 2008

deep stuff

I've had alot going on this week, that's for sure. I will reflect with the upcoming posts, but just wanted to write down a few things:

1. Best friend is mad at me
2. Learned about myself in Paris, both good and bad.
3. Learned that I love tape recording--seriously, I know, so old school, yet so so cool.
4. I miss S, of all the times I needed him, he's not around. *sigh*
5. SA was actually compassionate today when I needed it most
6. Ashley had her baby!!!
7. John Legend + Jewel= hotness
8. I feel like I'm in my own world, I want to talk about life and deep things at the moment.
9. I want to think of what my dream job would be. I know this might take years to figure out, but I want to start thinking about it.
10. Thank goodness for the weekend. and Chuck Wicks. He's hott.

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